Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One reason I started this blog (#2300)

On January 20th 2009, President Obama was officially inaugurated as our 44th American President. This culmination from the national election at the end of the previous year in November was such a paradigm shift from all previous elected and appointed Presidents that I felt I needed to establish a voice of my own to record my thoughts about the nature of our human species and the role we play in establishing a new foundations for our future. Such great hope I felt at the time was not much diminished by our President but it was by the Republican party that sought to undermine our new great leader when he was reaching out to them in earnest. The treachery has been well established and although not technically, legally criminal it was dishonest and beneath the dignity of honorable men and women. Regardless, I was 11 days into our new President's term when I wrote my first blog post and for almost everyday, (excluding 3 days in the early years I was indisposed to write every day, which I immediately made up the next day with two posts), highlighting what is best about our inherent natures was my goal. I have over the last few years deviated toward writing about the insipid Republican party and it's flailing attempts to destroy our democracy so that they may install a brutal and harsh bastardized theocratic plutocracy that pampers the very few wealthy and disregards the massive majority non-wealthy. Eventually our society will see beyond the propaganda of the wealthy and examine the facts based upon reality and we will depose the current Republican party of any public influence. Until then my little blog post will hammer them with facts to expose their hateful political philosophy. I had hoped to highlight the greater good of our society with the tremendous dedication our President has shown toward building our country into a more equal and just society but apparently not until we ill informed Americans have had enough of Republicanism.

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