Sunday, May 31, 2015

Republicans are infected with greed not virtue (#2312)

They like to think of themselves as capitalists but that is their mask. they are opportunists on the level with carpetbaggers. They are not about a better democratic society they are about the bottom line. To suggest that they are not is a denial of epic proportions. I thought I lived in a country where we could all make profit off of our labor and ideas but not so that we would destroy our democracy. Nothing comes before our democracy for me, NOTHING! Our great country has been established on the blood and treasure of our citizens, not to make only some wealthy, but to give all a right to a free and opportune pursuit of happiness. The greedy profiteers are a scourge and a shame to our society yet we placate them because they have great wealth. It is akin to honoring those who profited off the cruelty and inhumanity of war time theft. When will our society recognize that an honest days labor or an honest days invention is the value here, not the ability to shuffle paper and destroy occupations? The Republican party is dead to me and anyone who associates with them are only showing their allegiance to greed, not liberty, equality and justice. The Siren call for monetary gain at any cost has been blaring loud and long and only those who have virtue within them strong enough to ignore the call will be able to escape it's reckoning. For there is a price to pay for being greedy. If you live in greed, others will always be looking to steal from you what you have stolen from others. It is inescapable that karma and logic will not have their day with you. You may think that you can live a life of greed because your days are numbered and who cares what happens next. Well, I care and others like me care and soon enough the greedy folks like Republicans will feel the sting of our protective wrath for our democracy!

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