Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rites of passage (#2307)

When those moments come when some younger person actually listens to what we say what are we saying? Are we leaving behind us the wisdom of our age? I do not let myself have an unclear mind so that when those special moments occur, I can respond comprehensively about most subjects without having to miss a beat. I spend a lot of time in my head keeping my perspective open and clear for when I need to express them to a willing audience. It is a privilege having been asked my opinion or thoughts on any variety of subjects. I take it as an honorable duty to be as objective and forthright in my given analysis. Seldom is there a chance for a do-over so getting things right the first time, regardless of the unsuspected moment occurring is crucial to me in that I want to be the best human possible when it is my opportunity to be so. We all have a need to matter to reality. In some ways and in many ways, we are all of this paradigm. To be able to concisely advance concepts that have taken me years to understand in minutes is the goal. I want to save others from having to live through the grueling process of trial and error by being able to show them the unnecessary path I took to getting to my conclusions. It is the rite of passage to progress our society by helping the next generation move forward more efficiently and more enlightened that we were, just like we learned from those before us. It is a genetic code type thing that other animals in the animal kingdom also display. Improving our species to a greater plane of existence should be all of our goal. We don't know what the future holds for us or our future generations of humans but we can keep progressing forward in anticipation of the unknown by cogently expressing our individual objective wisdom when it is earnestly entreated from us.

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