Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The joy of giving with dignity and humility (#2308)

Surely the Republicans who read this will not agree since most of them are of the survival of the fittest mindset whereas greed for the individual is paramount and giving is not to be tolerated. Such a cruel and brutish existence if you ask me. Instead, I have found not only inner peace but a satisfaction in my soul when I can give to others who actually need and respect the receiving of my giving. I don't know how many more times I will say this but surely it will be many, that the real riches in life are not material, they are much more kin to happiness, hope, joy etcetera. It is of some comfort at times to have what we need in our lives and some degree of material accumulation is necessary. But when the material greed is grotesque and over abundant we move from a paradigm of reasonable comfort into the obscene. When so many have so little it is abhorrent that some, like the Republican party, who continue to vilify those with little and applaud those who strive to have much more than enough, cannot make the connection that all of us deserve some type of well balanced life, not just those with privilege and advantage. To understand the survival of the fittest crowd one must take a close stark look at their philosophy. They may say that all can work to have a better life and need no others to help them, but the reality is that not all can find the work or the opportunity to work given the lack of resources and institutional biases within our economic structures. Since this is obviously the case the reason for their survival of the fittest philosophy must lie on a more insidious bed. They regard their lack of care and lack of tolerance as greater than their love for democratic principles unto which our great nation was founded upon. Unfortunately their bad behavior has yet to be punished at the voting booth but soon they won't be able to propagandize their actions any longer.

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