Thursday, May 7, 2015

The reason we need to think critically is so we won't be herded (#2288)

Critical thinking is a must for those who wish to live in a free society. We cannot abdicate our reasoning over to others for any reason. We have to be the masters of our own conclusions. First let me make this absolutely clear, all of us are unique and precious. Let that fact be the foundation of everything we do. From there we have a duty to our magnificent life force to have our own identity. We are who we are inside ourselves based upon our caring and our curiosity. Our emotions drive what is best about us and influence how we react to outside forces. Our curiosity is our drive and ability to attain knowledge and experience. When we are at our best we are a compassionate biological data processor that can reason, analyze and conclude with majestic capability. The brilliance of our species is that none of us is any less or more than another. We may have different shades of abilities but that we all are unique and amazing is a fact. So employing our critical thought as a function of who we are is natural and perfect. As long as we think for ourselves and do not shirk or become lazy in our process. We owe to ourselves and our species in general the duty to maintain the best of who we are through our understanding of not only the rules of our society but through the laws of human nature. The one thing we cannot allow is for others to convince us that our thoughts and actions don't matter. We cannot allow some who are devious in their communications to confuse and allow for a less than equal society to become our living structure. We cannot allow those who are efficient at herding us toward their goals when their goals are not what is best for our individual right to choose a better option.

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