Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trembling and quaking yet still courageous (#2297)

Even in those moments of frozen fear we can break through and display our courage. Remember courage is not defined by victory, it is defined by resolute honor. I have been scared as much as I could possibly have been yet I still found a way to stand up and defend what I knew was right. There have been other times in my early life when regardless of courage, I could do nothing to stop obvious harm. The wretchedness of being unable to effect honor is crushing. But I look back at those times and realize that it wasn't so much about my inability to thwart harm as much as it was about my ability to want to stand up to harm in all it's forms. The forming of my principled life was created through the wrongs I could not right. Although there is sadness and frustration there for me even at the disadvantage I was at to make wrong into a right, I know that I am not super human and I cannot solve all the problems that exist everywhere, although I still an hopeful. The truth of things is my goal regardless of the outcome that truth dictates. I know this and I don't expect something magical to make it different. But as I continue to live in the truth of reality, I am better prepared for how truth affects me. I am not caught sideways by it's being and in the end regardless of how truth reveals it's outcome, I am still the honorable man I strive hard to be. That is the choice I get to control. My choices about my life and how I will defend them is the only control I need, the rest will be what it becomes based upon factors outside my control. That is why all of us need to prioritize our lives based upon the best of who we are not the settled for what we have become. I may be scared out of my wits by something but I still find myself courageously standing up for what is right regardless of the outcome.

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