Saturday, May 2, 2015

We get to choose our ideal society (#2283)

Because something is or has ever been does not make it what it has to remain. We look around and see the good and the bad of our society and wish we could do something to make it better. We wonder why others don't do the same when it is obvious to even children the wrong can be easily corrected. But there are forces out there that do not wish for better to replace worse because they have some advantage or privilege that they selfishly want to keep. The rest of us don't have to allow them to do so when we know our society is better off for most all of us if a change occurs. We get to choose as sovereign American citizens with rights to advocate and vote for the better change to happen. Just because it has been that way over time does not make it right now, even if it may have been right in the past. Remember, our society around two and a half centuries ago was ruled by Kings and Queens. We saw the wrong in that and overcame it with some effort. We have the same type of challenges today and we must keep moving forward into our better futures if we want to be proud of who we are and what we stand for. None of us in a Democracy is less than another, so why should we abdicate our right to be a force for our ideal society? A lot of times fear will keep us from moving ahead with a better way but fear in and of itself is not enough to stop the nature of our species. We care and wonder as a rule and have shown that despite all odds and fears we are capable of changing from hard and brutish paradigms into curiously intelligent and respectful ones. Our time here on this planet is short and the problems are numerous, yet our souls cry out for our hopes and our dreams to have a reality to them. Let each of us heed our better inner forces and stand tall like a sentinel against any and all who would try to deny us our choice to live in a better world for ourselves and for our future generations.

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