Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We should as a government, be paying our kids to go to school (#2287)

What better way to get our nation on the right track than to offer to pay for our kids to learn. We give them incentive from the very beginning of their lives to achieve the most out of what they can become. I know it sounds economically difficult but consider that the production and involvement that follows after these kids graduate and move on into their productive lives. Not only would be setting an example that hard work in the classroom has real financial rewards but we will be instilling in them that their success at the beginning of their lives carries on into the rest of their lives. We would be giving our citizens the start in life that we all deserve, a merit based one. No more will we have children that who will just be going through the motions to get their degrees. No more will we have drop out rates in high school that center around the family economy instead of centering around the child's education. We would be giving every child the choice to want to learn instead of having to learn. When education is a joy more than a drudgery we will have changed the whole learning dynamic and with it our children's critical thinking levels. I would even argue that it is a national security issue, in that the more intelligent our society is the better we are at keeping our society free the ills of confusion and misunderstanding. A smart society is a healthy society. The problems eliminated right off the bat is childhood poverty and childhood malnutrition. We also raise the living standards of the parents who must raise their children in the desperate times we now live. A greater consumer economy would also follow due to more disposal incomes, which would open new markets for the entrepreneurial and innovative creators. I cannot think of a better way to infuse our society with a solution like this that would be as effective.

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