Friday, May 8, 2015

What I believe (#2289)

I do not believe in any religion at all. I get to this point by acknowledging logic and the Universe. My life would be so much easier if I did just accept a religion and follow it but that isn't who I am and if my life is more difficult because others cannot accept what I accept then too bad for me. I have a free will as a human being to reason, analyze and conclude. I utilize this mode of process in order to understand the physical, emotional and unknown as best I can. I do not see the need for myself to accept a religious structure that relies on faith more than it relies on real evidence. The appeal of a religious entity that is a kind loving sovereign is desirable by most all that I know but for me to accept that construct I have to give away my objective critical thinking. I am unwilling to make that trade so what I do instead is remain objective about all possibilities without giving any one possibility anymore gravitas than any other. I can see the overall comprehensiveness of our human species' history in light of scientific truths. I can relate to evolutionary processes as they relate to biological organisms. I as well can generally accept that our Universe is vast and the greater unknown of it supersedes any compartmentalization I can surmise about what I do know about it. For me, we humans are at the beginning of our knowledge accumulation era and for me to discount or ignore any possibility would be illogical. Although my particular life span in the overall picture is short I do have the wherewithal to trust in my ability to comprehend as my belief system and all that I gain from that is my reward for being alive. What comes after my life is over is conjecture at this point so no amount of wishing or hoping will fully answer that as fact. I accept that and for me my belief system requires me to be the best human while I am alive and for that I am grateful.

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