Monday, May 18, 2015

When the wealthy think they are better than others (#2299)

A common affliction among the wealthy is that they think they are somehow better than others. That somehow through commerce there is magic and whoever has the greatest luck in accumulating profit is somehow ordained as superior. All that that tells me is that they had already felt inferior and because of economic success have reversed their own internal incorrect feelings toward a further new incorrect understanding. Trading illusion for illusion in a way. Let me be as clear as I can be about this, wealth is fortunate and not many people receive it's benefit despite honest or dishonest attempts. It is more a circumstance of fate than any real opportunity of equality. So illogically putting everyone in a race that you have won and then telling yourself you beat them all is just nonsensical. Here is how I handled races that I have won. I congratulated those who were actually in the race and counted myself fortunate that on this one day I was able to win, a race that didn't have any privilege or advantage in the mix of it. An honest race where all of us had the same opportunity to prevail. A humility above any false sense of bravado was my reward because I have lost races as well and I know all too well that eventually we each have our day in the sun. None of us wins every race. Unfortunately, most of today's economic winners don't have that same insightful understanding about all of the humans in our species. The wealthy pretend that they are gifted above all others because of their victories. Obviously we are being shown that good fortune in economic ventures doesn't translate over to intelligence, in a comprehensive way, in the general arena of life. A sad state that the wealthy are on course to continue.

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