Monday, May 11, 2015

Where honor is valued (#2292)

Our world is ours, all of ours and what we do with it will define us for eternity. I am not smart enough to know why everything exists but I do know what honor is. It is the best of who we are. If I am the best of who I am capable of being then I have done all I can to make our world into something that I can be proud to have been part of. That is all I have ever asked is to help make our world into an example the Universe would be proud to know. Given that our human species is absolutely incredible it is the least that I can strive toward. There is nothing of value that exceeds my honor. Nothing! So for me to live my life not exemplifying that fact is for me to abdicate the gift of my being human. There is no middle ground here, you are either striving to be a magnificent human being or you are wasting the life you are given. No amount of greed, selfish nor self indulgence can compare with being heroic. All of the bad natures we allow ourselves to carry around is not worthy of our destiny. We are compassionate curious beings who have the wherewithal to create and innovate a future for ourselves and for our children a world where life is celebrated and enjoyed while being bold in advancing into the unknown. I have little to no patience for those who cannot find the courage within themselves to lead. We are all majestic in our possibilities, we have the tools to discover and explore what is unknown as well as to care for those we love. Our possibilities are limitless when we put our minds and souls into what is right and good. Never before in the history of any known civilization has our species been at the precipice of amazing opportunity. Let's us value our honor with all that we are and leap into our future.

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