Monday, May 25, 2015

You have to choose (#2306)

If by magic I could give you a lesson on how to live your life I certainly would. Over the years I have come to know the purpose of human life in this existence. But I cannot make you accept it, I can tell you but I cannot make you believe me. So how is it that somehow miraculously I am in the know of the purpose for the human life? Logic, that is how. I look at our overall capabilities as a human being. We are biological data processors with memory and an emotional component that let's us distinguish between right and wrong. We should be basing the difference of right and wrong on one simple clause, "do no harm". As to our data processing abilities, generally we have five senses that allow us to input data from our environment. We have a central processing center located in our minds that allow us to process the information as to reasoning, analyzing and concluding. We store this information in our memory which can house an enormous amount of storage capacity. Our minds also allow us to pull up information in microseconds. Given that we are, to put it in terms of an engineer, probes. I can conclude that we are learning devices with an evolutionary component that allows us to create and innovate through our imaginations. I want to stop and elaborate on our imaginations. This is an amazing paradigm we possess. It is not so much logical as it is a function of scrambling our logical knowledge base in ways that not real but possible. Anyway, back to our purpose here in this existence. By taking what I know of our inherent talents and our emotional attachment to each other I can only conclude we are here to explore, which I call curiosity, and we are here to enjoy each other's company, which I call compassion. We are here to care and wonder, as our greatest priority, Outweighing economics and social engineering by exponential amounts.

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