Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A simple song triggered an incredible insight (#2832)

     I was thinking of a song that came out when I was young and like so many songs in my youth was powerful and full of life like myself. My younger growing years were the best of times in my mind but the assassins put an end to the triumph we felt was coming. What the loss of our leaders back then did was leave us in disarray and without a clear direction. but I think about that and it reminds of Dr. King's, "The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice" quote. It may take generations or centuries or a week for the liberal democratic policies of equality, justice and fairness to become universal in our society but it will come despite the wealthy and their attempts to keep the status quo.
     The song is one of many that I hear and then am transported back to that time where my youth and vigor were it's strongest. I may still have my mind and my big heart and what is left of my strong body but the ravages of physics through time have taken the best edge of it from me. But my mind and my heart are as relentless in my hope for a better life for all of us. Much time may pass and billions of souls will never know what life could have been like had not a few greedy cowards paid for their way through treachery and death. Yet like Dr. King said, our time will come and although we may never see it we still fight for it like it will be coming today.
     It is unique how a simple tune from a time of awakening in my youth can turn my mind back to the best of who we were and still are. The vibrations in life have their way whether we recognize them or not. No amount of skillful deception or illusion will ever pass for doing the best and right thing in the end. So the next time I sit down and listen to a tune from my youth just know that it isn't just some nostalgic event to while away my time. Instead it is a reminder of what should have been had not the ilk of our worst behavior been allowed to have it's way.

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