Saturday, November 12, 2016

Being who you are (#2843)

     What is that anyway? How do I know who I am? Well, generally, first consider how you feel not only about yourself but others as well. Do you care about other people or are you satisfied with only caring about yourself. That will tell whether you are generous of spirit or self centered. Second, do you want to know the who's what's why's how's and where's about all of this existence that we inhabit? If so, then you are open minded, bold and curious enough to move toward the answers. If you are not curious enough about the questions of life then you are unadventurous and comfortable with things being as they are most agreeable to you. In other words you are just a life, marking time instead of actually living life within time.
     There is enough information there to give you a clue to who you are. Of course there are many more specific questions you can ask yourself but those are more of a personal nature and require you to be honest with yourself. Now if you have a problem living life in honesty and truth without bias then there are deeper problems that need to be addressed professionally. But most of us are aware that truth and honesty are paradigms that tell us the most about ourselves. I can look into the mirror and ask myself a question without anyone else hearing and know that whatever I say back to my question out loud is the real me, whether the answer is yes, no, maybe or I don't know. I can be honest with myself because life is short and there is no time for being dishonest.
     So once you have a good clue as to who you are without fear if what others think, which is not easy by the way, then you are ready to define the parameters of your life. You are ready to choose who you want to be around, including whether to have old friends or family continue to absorb your time, or disassociate and find new friends who share your values. I will reiterate this one more time, life is short. It seems like I was just a young boy full of hope and dreams just yesterday and now I find myself in my 7th decade. It is your life and only you can define how to live it, so do that!

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