Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fear beat the crap out of intelligence (#2840)

     I have learned over the years what it is like to be punched in the gut or have everything stolen from me. This election result is similar to both of those feelings at the same time. At first I wanted to do nothing. Even stop posting daily blogs because it seems that despite being honest with the Universe I still get the crap beat out of me by those who are more afraid of life than they are of just living it. But then after a few hours it dawns on me that it isn't just me that had this happen to them, there were nearly 58 million of us who also feel some sense of loss and or pain. But one thing I have learned about my own life is that whenever I had been beaten down into a pulp, I had found a way to rise back up and fight again another day.
     My little setbacks in life cannot even be measured by the more than 300 years the African American race had endure until finally enough intelligence prevailed to win a war to free them from slavery. Nothing in life worth having will ever come easy so fighting even after being whupped is the only course if a final victory is ever going to be achieved. That is little salve now but I know through my own past experiences that it is the way forward. So I will set back and heal from this gut wrenching pummeling and prepare myself for the next opportunity for intelligence to engage and defeat fear.
     In the meantime we are in for a lot of setbacks in the battle for liberal and progressive democratic ideals. The era of a new beginning toward a more enlightened society has now paused or stumbled and the immediate future must play out to it's end. I accept that many will be harmed and I accept that may will die. I will not accept the blame for it though, fear gets that distinction. Those who voted for the regression that is about to come down on all of our heads need to look no further than the mirror to find each and everyone of the souls that caused this to happen because they live in fear and not in courage. I got my ass kicked by cowards driven by hate and it makes me even more ready to fight back.

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