Friday, November 4, 2016

From Obama to Clinton, the promise of modernity continues (#2835)

     President Obama took over as our president when our national economy was in free fall losing about 800,000 jobs a month while the Dow Jones was at a low mark similar to that of the Great Depression. Yet President Obama strongly defended protecting American institutions of wealth generation and growth and brought us back from the brink of financial ruin. He did this with little to no help from the republican party which was adamant in it's pledge to not help our President create an atmosphere of success for us or himself. Their reckless strategy to keep our nation in financial straights was a higher priority to them than to help the hundreds of millions of us who were devastated by the Wall Street and Main Street meltdown.
     We only need to remember this to have every right in the world to never elect a Republican to political office again, but like a lot of things here in America too many of us have short attention spans in conjunction with a "me first" mentality. Yet despite all the efforts of the worst politically representative party in modern history the rest of us prevailed behind the strong leadership of Democrat President Obama. Things have improved more slowly because Republicans have been so flagrantly disruptive, but improve they have. We are now on course to create the largest work force in our history with improving job opportunities.
     That will be the challenge of our next president which will be Democrat Hillary Clinton. She gets it like President Obama before her that when we work to improve the lives of those around us we actually help ourselves. From new creation to new alternatives for ourselves and our planet's survival, our future for living here on Earth and reaching out to the stars is enhanced immeasurably. We Democrats get it, we all deserve a chance to make a wonderful life for ourselves and those around us and as our Declaration of Independence reminds us, a pursuit of happiness as well.

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