Monday, November 28, 2016

I live in reason, not blind obedience (#2859)

     Crowd control is okay for voluntary events that deal with large masses of people attracted to something. In fact it is expected that if a popular concert were being arranged, there would have to be safeguards established to protect the eager and willing crowd from rushing the stage and overwhelming the performers. We all get that. The crowd control that is not acceptable is the one where we are not voluntary participants who relinquish our rights. Where we are manipulated into believing one thing while the manipulators accomplish another thing. I am not a crowd control kind of guy myself when it comes to being told one thing and then having to find out it was an illusion. I learned very young as a child the difference between the bait and switch paradigm.
     So now instead of listening to others tell me what is what, I find out for myself. It isn't that hard to learn things if you choose to learn. Often on the surface what the manipulators tell you seems logical and even reasonable, yet once you look deeper into the specifics of things you start to see that the illusion they promise is just that, an illusion. There are processes that must be followed in order to produce something of value. once you know how things have to work you won't fall for anyone who tries to sell you on something that falls outside the required process.
     Life is not that difficult to figure out. If you are in a state of unawareness because you think you are not smart enough to know just stop that kind of thinking. Once you force yourself to learn one or two things you start to realize that most everything is easy enough to understand. It is a freeing moment when it strikes you that you can think for yourself without having to ask someone else how to think. I reiterate all the time about how our natures are of two main ones, curiosity and care. In this case our curiosity is crucial and by us using our curiosity to learn we are actually fulfilling a part of our own destiny. It is who we are to think for ourselves, after all we are each just like individual biological data processors using our sensors to input data and then reason, analyze and conclude outcomes. It is only logical.

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