Saturday, November 5, 2016

Life is good when you are honest (#2836)

     I remember learning my lesson at about 8 or 9 years old of the difference between lying through life or just telling the truth. I say this because when I was younger I thought I could manipulate my way through just about anything because I was so smart back then. lol. What I came to find out though is that the more lies I told the more complicated my memory had to be to remember which lies I told whom and when. It became a real problem when my old lies didn't match up with my new lies. I had a real dilemma on my hands. How to finagle out of the deceptive web of lies I had created. Of course I was caught several times and had to admit it because although I knew I was a liar, I also knew that logic when applied, always overruled my lies when caught. I did have an ethical/moral standard attached to my deceptions.
     So after being totally embarrassed several times and called out to others through gossip and natural conversation, my tendency to lie to put it mildly, I decided to stop lying. The reason I was lying in the first place was because I felt inadequate. I learned shortly thereafter that we all feel inadequate and that it wasn't just me. So I stopped lying and started instead to just tell it like it is and accept my shame if I was wrong or just be truthful and move on to the next circumstance or situation. A relief came over me for not having to carry the burdens of the lies I had told. I was freed up to just live life instead of trying to manipulate it.
     What has been constant for me is knowing that when I tell the truth of something it stays with me and there is no problem with remembering what I said or did in any comprehensive or complicated way. Being honest is natural and there isn't any thought that has to be given to keep it clear in my mind. That is how life becomes good. Not only am I living in the truth of things I am not burdened by deception or inadequacies. I am just me traveling around the solar system on this planet with the rest of us trying to find peace and happiness for not only myself but for all my fellow travelers.

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