Friday, November 18, 2016

Much worse than nonsense is coming (#2849)

     Well hell has frozen over. Our political world here in America is the makings of a very sad tale. I cannot imagine what our future holds here except to worry that 240 years of progress are about to come to a halt if not worse. There are too many of we citizens who are incapable of learning truths about our own selves and about life in general. History has taught us some horrible lessons yet it seems that history is foreign to too many who show they have no clue about it. I am an American and never in my life have I felt so terrible about what it means. We elected a misogynist, alleged rapist, money grubber as our president. I cannot tell you how much this action has ripped at all that is decent and fair about me.
     I know I am not alone as the majority of voters did not vote for him yet due to the archaic paternal system of the electoral college we didn't get the candidate with the majority vote. Instead we got a shell of a man who is more deceitful and dishonest than any other candidate that has ever been nominated and elected from any political party. I imagine it is the lack of education by too many of us that has allowed this to happen because nothing short of us being horrible people explains it. I am sad to say that there is no apology I can give that is going to make up for what is coming and what is going to have an effect on the whole world.
     Our new president will be a destroyer of progress. he will take from the many and give to the few. Which few is of course the wealthy. Times are going to be devastating for many and no one who is not wealthy will be immune. The world will suffer because war is a strategy republicans employ to make money. They care little about loss of life for their financial gains and if cannon fodder will pad their pocketbooks and bank accounts then so be it. So who will be the enemy that justifies the no bid contracts to the military industrial machine controlled by the wealthy? Will it be Iran? Will it be anyone who makes the mistake of standing up for something right that our next president is against? It is coming and for that I can only work to stop it while hanging my head in shame for what my fellow countrymen/women have done.

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