Monday, November 21, 2016

No acceptance nor resignation in the face of disappointment (#2852)

     Something we democrats are not proud of but we do anyway, is accept the worst of what happens to us with a resignation instead of a battling will. It seems we are more likely to back off a fight in order to preserve some idea of peace when our actual peace is being destroyed all around us. It is sad to think that we only can fight until we hit some obstacle and then we acquiesce. Well, I am not like that. I will not accept nor resign myself to an outcome that has defied my own logic and I am as objective as anyone. So the battle continues since there are still procedures we can try to shape that may constitutionally change the minority popular vote victory into a defeat as it should be in a true democracy.
     However in our democratic party there are too many of us who point fingers at each other as to call out blame instead of the true instigators of our demise and the demise of our democracy. The voter suppression in republican controlled states was unprecedented this election cycle and affected the outcome in the crucial swing states under the paternal electoral college system. So blaming other democrats for not winning while not screaming from the top of their lungs about voter suppression is part of the problem as well.
     However the real culprit here is the decision by our less than supreme court to allow for mostly unlimited private spending in our elections. That coupled with our less than supreme court's ability to define truth in advertising in a more specific way through logical and common sense tests has allowed for smear campaigns in historic numbers that not only confuse and demoralize our voting public, nearly half of us didn't even bother to vote in this general election, but it allows for the wealthy and their specific donors to dominate the election process with their narrative as to what facts and truth are. So my personal self will not quit in the battle to rectify our national voting rights and in the process rebuild our national standing among true democratic nations.

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