Saturday, November 19, 2016

No niceties to the intentionally bad (#2850)

     I have heard this meme going around that we should just get on with our lives after this stunning election and accept the outcome regardless of how much it appalls us. Well I won't be one of those who forwards that proposition. The most cunning and egregious human being we have seen so far in politics has won our presidency and for that I am ashamed for his success. So let it be known I will never allow myself to acquiesce my principles in any inappropriate way in order to maintain a sense of  decorum. In other words, Trump gets no niceties from me. Not even a handshake in meeting. What he will get if I ever meet him face to face is a glare that could cut the life out of a whole planet, as that is about the equivalence he is aiming to do to us.
     He gets nothing from me but my animosity and my will to see him fail at every turn in his misogynist, racist, immoral life. That goes for those who are willing to surround themselves with him. They are by association exposing their lack of honor and worthy principles. So they by extension get that which I have for Trump as an equal deserve. I am not normally like this because I believe in giving people second chances to understand and change their ways when applicable. But not now for people who are hell bent on ruining the lives of those they can for the sake of their own and their associates fears as well as their pocketbooks and bank accounts.
     The kind of person I am is being tested and in no way will I give wrongdoers a pass. They will hear me out from the depths of my being as to their raunchy and despicable vision for our future. I have tried to be more like a class act than a drunken sailor but it seems that the drunken sailor approach and the language it entails is exactly what is needed in this unreal and loathsome time. To my friends and like minded individuals all care to respectability will be shown but you may count on this, not to those whose intent is to take our great society and make it a hellscape.

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