Sunday, November 20, 2016

Now they open their eyes! (#2851)

     Already we are hearing those who voted for republican Trump that they are worried that they will lose their benefits due to his cutting of social programs. Where the hell was their attention before they voted? Do they just vote without thinking and disregard knowing why? I, as a at least average educated person have never felt the need to just follow along as others so that somehow I feel accepted by them. I could care less about being accepted by anyone, except some woman I am in love with. Everyone else doesn't matter to me a bit how they feel about me. As long as I feel good about what I do and think that is all that matters. At least I am an objective person who will listen to a better way to get things done but I start from knowing where the hell I am on the issues.
     So either their vote for Trump was out of some loyalty to the republican party or their fear of being shamed by their neighbors/friends, which should be odd since it is a secret ballot, or they are just ignorant as to why they are voting and instead vote on the flashy catch phrases being delivered by those candidates who have no real good positions on the things we really know are important. Why does it have to be this way? We were so close to having the reality of a liberal court where we could have instituted campaign finance reform among many other progressive policies where the candidates would be left with no choice but to be honest and talk about the issues instead of flooding the airwaves with attacks that are mostly untrue.
     Is this our reality going forward? We don't ever learn our lessons until after it is too late? I suppose that I am grateful that any learning is being done but the frustrating part is that that learning is too little too late. We will have to put up with a complete reversal of decades of progressive and modern gains in order to get to the next election where hopefully the pain of voting republican will have left a indelible mark on the minds of those who need to put their needs and the needs of the majority of their fellow countrymen/women first and not just blindly follow and vote for the latest noisy, shiny object.

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