Saturday, November 26, 2016

Recounts in crucial swing states (#2857)

     Hold on just one moment please. The vote in a few swing states is being contested and recounts in at least one has already begun. Now I am not saying that the election will be overturned and a new president elect will be forthcoming. But I do know how republicans are with our vote. They would likely as not be guilty of shifting things to their favor so although it would be difficult it could be done and if so we need to know. Our democracy cannot survive if there was cheating going on and it will survive if we find out it was going on and corrected it. We would then start to fix our elections so that no future contests can be tampered with if there is a case for it.
     I am not going to be partisan here and root for deception. I will wait to see if the election was fair or not and then address the problem. If no problem exists then well and good we need to move forward with the unpopular result and face our new reality, but not until we have shown that that reality is legitimate. If we don't have that transparency with our elections then we fail as a democracy. There is plenty of time to get these recounts done before the process of the electoral college begins and before any nomination happens. So let's get them done and see what we find.
     The doubt that lingers with many of us who saw the pre election polling that didn't jive with the actual election results has been palpable. The idiosyncratic or peculiar nature of how the election ended up is worthy of being investigated in that it is helps all of us understand that if it is the truth then we know how to proceed and if it isn't the truth then we know what must be done to make it right. I for one am tired of being lied to so it is important to me to know that I am not being lied to. My whole life is based upon the truth of democracy and if it is a sham then I know what I must do. If it is a legitimate election then I can only hope that the intelligence factor that allowed such a result somehow improves so that we don't have to go through another anti progressive period again.

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