Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The beginning of the end of our democracy (#2860)

     If the election of Trump holds up, we are at the threshold of our democracy being taken apart. By electing Trump the American electorate has decided that equality of opportunity, justice and fairness are no longer attributes we wish to exemplify. Instead we will now be known by our lesser qualities of survival of the fittest and who can out con whom. No more will we care for the weakest in our society as our social programs begun under Democratic President Roosevelt and expanded under Presidents Johnson and Obama. They will be either eliminated or privatized by the new Republican regime that is being installed.
     So for the next 4 years at least we will see not only our social programs disappear or be priced beyond our ability to participate but we will find that the voter suppression tactics successfully deployed this last election by Republicans in Republican run states as the new model nationally. So if you think you were too busy last election to vote you will shortly find out that it won't matter much longer as the white nationalists who are being promoted to power in the Trump Administration are about to make your vote obsolete based upon some formula that punishes the color of one's skin along with the lack of funds in one's bank account.
     I suppose we should be grateful that our democracy lasted this long, 240 years, in order to at least show the world the possibilities of democratic rule. Many countries in the world are now democratic and that is at least some consolation. However, we here in America are about to devolve back to some form of a theocratic authoritarian plutocracy which will again put Americans under the yoke of not some foreign power but the carpetbagging haters who now run our government. I am older and will be less affected by this but those younger than me who still have much of their life to live and develop, you will suffer the most so get ready for it as best you can. I know I am and nothing is off the table as far as me not being a part of the upcoming harm and suffering.

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