Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This existence has so many possibilites (#2846)

     We may not stay here long in life but we can get things done somewhat reasonably well. However we also can move backwards in ways that defy logic and common sense. There is the rub, given our ability to have created civilizations from our first meager beginnings it is mind numbing how having moved so far toward being enlightened beings we are confounded to revert to discarding that and settling for being who we were in the past just to survive. Our societies are structured to eliminate the need to have to go to a survival of the fittest revival. Yet we undercut our efforts in the past to improve our society so that we can revert back to a more animal state then the modern, intellectually based one we have already. I can only assume it is fear that keeps us from evolving toward greater human beings.
     Somewhere in our collective psyche we have altered our idea of what a future could be. I wonder if we are even capable of envisioning a future society that doesn't have the ills we purport to presently re-embrace. I am confounded in the worst way as to our species and it's disruptive drive toward a modern future. I can only hope that long after I have left this sphere and plane of existence that a more mature and logical society will grow out of the mess we currently are. I had hoped for a greater movement from us but it seems that my hopes at this time are unfounded. Yet it is in my soul that we are still better than what we are showing. I know we are deep down inside.
     So the rest of life will go on and whether I am here or not doesn't mean that others won't pick up any slack I may leave and help carry our species forward into a future that doesn't carry the ills of hatred, racism, privilege and advantage. Merit has always been the hallmark of a righteous democracy and we have strayed far from the intent of democracy in this area. It doesn't matter what I think about how our future will play out so much as it matters to me how much time we have wasted while I was here not moving us forward. I apologize to our species for not being more of a stalwart warrior who pressed our cause for a better society to emerge. Remember, this blog is based upon the conclusion that we have two main instincts as to who we are, our curiosity and our care. When we live in those two we are an amazing species and worthy of advancing beyond any and all petty differences.

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