Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Expectation of possibilities (#90)

There are several qualities of human nature that I truly admire. One of them is the expectation of something incredible about to happen in my life. This is a quality that affects me on so many levels of my thinking patterns. The anticipation never grows weary because the happening of the expectation is one of the few sensory experiences that offer an aura of what goodness feels like. Whether the expectation ever arrives or not is not the point. The point is, what some of my friends and I like to call, the journey. This journey is a pathway toward an ideal I hope to see realized, notwithstanding the ideal actually coming into being. That is an experience I will leave as a subject on a future posting. I have no imperical evidence to support my expectation of a long desired ideal on the cusp of happening but nonetheless I have an inspired sense of hope that is infectuously, (in a good way), permeating my well being. Many times reality has shown no result in previous hopeful times and many more are sure to continue. However, I will never discount the possibility of a fruitful outcome journey because of the aforementioned sense of feeling the essence of goodness. One of the truly good qualities a human can mentally, physically and spiritually experience.

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