Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Growth despite myself (#669)

I will change no matter what happens. Time is continual as well as my growth. I do have a choice in how I grow, it is up to me to recognize and act upon how the growth will manifest itself. The story of the frog who when placed into the kettle with hot water in it, will jump right back out. But when the the frog is placed in the kettle with luke-warm water, it will stay there even when the water is slowly heated to a boil, thus allowing itself to be killed when all it had to do was jump out. Such is the same for us. We will react immediately to imminent danger but when the danger slowly creeps up on us we usually do not see it until it is too late. That is what will happen to me if I am not choosing or directing the course of my own change. I need to do my own evaluations of who I am and where I want to be. If left up to others I will only be a tool for them to use or if left to no one I will end up being something other than what I could plan for. Everything around us is in a state of change except some who chose to see the world only one way, despite the fact that they are changing regardless. It is unfortunate for them since life has given every indication possible that nothing stays the same. It always comes back to fear when change is denied or ignored. It is not our nature to shrink from life but to advance into it. I am always happy when I wake up into a new day. I am constantly reminded that while I was sleeping the whole world changed around me. Of course, familiarity of some things make us wish that things would never change especially the better and best principles of our society. However how those principles are administered changes and that is how we keep adapting to our ever changing world.

Monday, November 29, 2010

To keep hope, action is required (#668)

Our nation was founded on the idea that a better way of life could exist from the one that was, at that time, being lived. That was a hope that eventually came to be realized. In that instance however, much action that required sacrifice and blood was necessary. Not all hopes require action that extreme but some form of action is required for all hopes. Hopes are things that have not been obtained by the one whom hopes but they may in some time within the present or future, be realized. I have found, in my experience, that hoping based upon just hoping, is insufficient to create the environment for the hope to become realized. Action by myself or other(s) needs to be facilitated. Hope is the idea, the dream, the aspiration that has a seed within our minds. It will only be that idea unless action of some thought is provided. Faith is different from hope. Faith is the belief that an idea is true or false, however one looks at the faith being considered. Faith is the rock whereas hope is the river. In hope, change is expected. I bring up the two concepts, faith and hope, because I wish to be clear in why I am defining hope and I do not wish for anyone to be confused by the two. A principled life is the beginning of my outlook. I have, over the years developed my principles for living and they follow me as I live day to day. My principled life is my motor, my hope is like the petrol that starts my motor and powers it through my day. The navigating I do is based upon the hope I wish to see or achieve. Here it is, my hope is my motivation for the course of my life. Everyone has hopes, the question is what are those hopes and are they valued as worthy? Our destinies are being written by the actions of our lives, what will your destiny say about you?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the subject of courage (#667)

I am no master of courage but I do know what it is like to stand accountable for something while in fear of great bodily harm. That is one kind of courage. Another type of courage I know is telling the truth when the result of the telling is personal shame and embarrassment. Whether mental/emotional courage or physical courage, experiencing the choice to decide is most always tremendous fear. Why does it seem that fear is involved in most every opportunity I have to be courageous? When I look back on the times when I have been courageous, it seems that logically, I should have naturally been courageous. That has not been the case with me. The very few times I have been courageous without fear being involved happened with such rapidity that I did, just naturally or instinctually, display my courage. I would think then that when I have time to consider or feel emotion, I am susceptible to fear and it's cowardly actions. I also can conclude that fear and courage do not go hand in hand. They can be mutually exclusive when there is no time but to act. Just a little about fear here since it is quite prevalent in my ability to be courageous twenty-four-seven. I need some manifestation of fear in my life to protect me against some elements in life that do require me to be cautious. But never to the point of inaction. Only through processing facts and realities. I am coming into a stage in my life where I embrace fear as just another emotion I can use to better others and my own life. Fear can be controlled just as acting courageously can be controlled. More than any action I can reflect back from myself is the courageous action that is filled with the better and best principles humanity has discovered. Being courageous is a quest I wish to never shrink from.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Every action we make counts (#666)

There is nothing too small or insignificant if the action involves thoughtful consideration. How do we save the world? Or how do we stop poverty or hunger? These are big steps that seem impossible to achieve. What we do best however is little steps like helping out at a homeless shelter or donating clothing or some little amount of money we can afford. Even giving a down-and-out-person a smile or an encouraging word is something positive. Charity and respect are virtues we all need to be involved in, everyone of us. No exceptions. If all of us would have the mindset to create and be a part of good will, the wave toward the bigger steps of solving poverty and hunger would become inevitable. We all just need to be in the same desire to be in our good natures not our selfish and greedy ones. I know this is hard talking about doing something for others instead of doing something for yourself, but the reality is when you do something for someone else you are doing something for yourself. You are raising the level of your own sense of self worth. You are giving of yourself where others truly appreciate your actions. You are serving a purpose with real tangible results. In other words, you are making yourself matter in this life. I am significant when I make a positive difference to others. My life is worthy of being lived when others look at me and see a happiness or they feel good about who I am. Everything in our society is predicated on how we live with each other. Surely, there are those who would only see others as stepping stones to some artificial material happiness, but those people are the ones whom I am trying to show that people are the most important entity on this planet. How we live with other people is truly the real measure of our own happiness and the success of our purpose in life.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why do we lie? (#665)

I am referring to not telling truth, not the prone position. lol. In hiding the truth we are consciously, or less usually, sub-consciously, determining an advantage for ourselves or others. Why would we do this? One reason would be because we are afraid or concerned about what the truth may do. Most lies are for some short-term gain at the expense of someone or something else. We have gotten to a place where we do little to consider the overall effect of not telling the truth. We don't teach truth as a subject, instead we avoid discussing the results of what most lies lead to. In reality when we tell a lie we are stealing from someone or something. It is theft to lie. For sure we are stealing from our own truth and lessening our resolve to be as principled in action as we would think we are in thought. My own personal experiences with lying have been mostly centered on not knowing something but lying to hide my lack of knowledge. I have also lied about others to gain a perceived advantage in the eyes of someone I was trying to impress. In actuality, neither of these two reasons I used to lie about were worth the price I paid in humiliating myself. Eventually I was exposed and further alienated myself, more so than if I would have just been honest to begin with. I learned my lesson well and have risen to a place in my principled life where lying is not acceptable. The truth, however I have made it for myself, is what I reflect back. Most lies are because, like me, others were unwilling to work hard at learning. An idle or shiftless mind will resort to whatever words need to be spoken, regardless of veracity, to achieve or maintain an advantage. The destruction lying does to one's own character and spirit is not nearly worth any short-term gain. Truth however, gives me liberty and a sense of honest character that is noticed and admired not only by myself but others as well.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The fullness of ourselves (#664)

Whether it be turkey, potatoes and gravy, cranberries, pumpkin pie or our egos, moderation is the key. Today we celebrate a holiday that features the gratitude for bountiful harvests. Although a secular holiday, it does incorporate the concept of offering up a thanks to some higher power for our blessings. In America, we are fortunate that the overall moderate climate allows us to produce food harvests in plentiful amounts. Our nation has the capability to feed not only our own population but other countries' populations as well. Although the dysfunctionality of our society keeps many of our citizens in a state of hunger, opportunities to receive meals on this day are abundant. The history of our country, albeit somewhat painful and controversial, has led us to this moment in time where most of the world looks to us for action and direction. This position of leadership has dire responsibilities attached. Nothing but the best of our intentions should be forwarded lest the impression that we are not interested in others' welfare, even in our own overall welfare, be concluded. Our egos must never reach the point where we see only the dictates of our perceptions as the only justifiable course. We should not let ourselves be full of ourselves. No one has figured out how live in the most perfect way. Because of the benefits and sacrifices American society has provided to the world, in no way should that make us think we are better or more intelligent than other non-Americans. We may be further along in a lot of technological ingenuity, but in social and moral areas we are not superior to any great degree. Our current society has to reflect what is best about our evolution and we have a ways to go on that yet. Eat moderately today and think with a thankful heart for our blessings.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why do I bother to wonder? (#663)

Curiosity is not something I just turn on and off. It is by my understanding, an instinct. I was born with it on and I will most likely breathe my last breath wondering what is next. I suppose life could be lived with little to no curiosity but I cannot see how. My curiosity is in everything I do. I am in a constant state of analyzing the situations and circumstances that surround me. Everything that filters in through my senses has to pass through a recognition feature of my mind and heart. Sometimes I think of myself as an organic computer, sorting the simple and complex equations that make up reality for me. Of course just because an event or thought may present itself does not mean I will understand it's significance, if any. What I do control is the degree by which I am curious. I can accept what others say as truth or I can research my own understanding. What effort do I put into knowing what is going on around me? I see varieties of choice as to becoming informed. Some have no intent to learn outside a certain generally accepted knowledge base and others will not allow themselves to learn within any generally accepted knowledge base. These are two extremes but they do have followers. I tend to fit into the category of questioning everything. This is not easy to do since some fears would prohibit me. What I do when fear surfaces is I remember that fear is a reaction to cowardly behavior, the unknown, myths and superstitions. I make the distinction of which one it is and then gird myself with courage and push forward into the questioning process. I suppose it is not uncommon to be afraid to question my life in existence but I know it is also my instinct to want to know why. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Logic and emotion (#662)

I can have both. Being sensitive to the emotional reactions I have and logically understanding practical reality are not two mutually exclusive paradigms. I can have both. I am a complex organism, capable of distinguishing between the vibrancy of emotion and how it effects logical decision making. Often we are told not to make decisions in the heat of the moment for that the decisions will more than likely tend to please some primal pleasure than advance an objective reasoned outcome. Of course, I know this can be true due to my own experiences. Like anything however, I learn and assimilate new ways of solving problems as I move through life. Using emotional sensitivities to motivate and/or encourage passion are two ways I have evolved beyond the simple illogic of rash decision making. I understand that the emotion I am sensitive to is but one ingredient in who and what I am. Emotion eminates from within me, that I know. Whatever comes from within me has my instinct and expectation as a driving force. Again I know this about myself. I am a greater entity than just my emotion. I am also curious about knowledge and how it is logically applied. The curious instinct that I have is also within me and is driven by my need to know. I am two halves of the same whole. As such my nature is to experience both my emotion and my thoughts. Not both as the same but both at the same time, equally shared with equal relevance. Not giving one more consideration without giving the other equal consideration. I may suffer the consequences of being emotionally logical, but I do not get to predetermine outcomes based on one or the other. I get to experience outcomes based on both, whatever that destiny may be.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The inspiration to become better humans (#661)

Inspiration comes from having a great goal. Hopefully, our ethics and morality will point us in the direction of a goal that is an advancement we all can approve. I just want to make the distinction about goals, there can be some that are inspirational but not healthy or an advancement of a positive nature. Selfish goals that benefit one without the consent of others who are being taken from. What I have in mind for goals are the ones that benefit the one and others as well. A positive goal in the sense that it advances society instead of retreats society backwards. Goals are like what we would wish for if we had the power of granting wishes. Goals that look out ahead of where we are as a society and see where we could be if we could only get there. I know that our life spans are short but regardless, having a purpose to strive toward can be and is fulfilling. With fulfillment comes an emotional and psychological uplifting of the spirit. A happiness if you will allow me to describe it as such. Certainly, the striving for the goal is not always fulfilling, but when in earnestness of purpose comes resolve and satisfaction that something worthwhile is being attempted. I have lived my youthful life with little purpose except to find my own pleasures. This did not bring me fulfillment, on the contrary it brought me more of a sense of hollowness. I had lost my way for awhile and now I am back. Full of purpose for striving toward goals that could benefit not just me but everyone. I would like to see a society that treated all like they are special and equal. I would like to see a world where poverty and hunger were not the dominant reality. I would like to see every human have a real chance and duty to participate in living a life of respect and honor. Many goals to see, much work to be done. I am content in that at least I see what could be. Now to work to make it happen.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eliminating fear (#660)

The recorded history of our species seems to go back 30 to 40 thousand years. In all that time no one person or group has been able to establish peace while eliminating human on human fear. We come into this world with no idea why we are here and what we are confronted with varies from love to hate, from value to expendable. There is no continuity to how we live our lives since we are subjected to human forces that would abuse and harm us on a regular basis. Is it just me or are we a bit slow on the uptake of what progress should mean? Is it not obvious that a purpose everyone could embrace would be for us to establish a society that eliminated fear, at least from ourselves to ourselves? This planet and the Universe it is within offer enough anxious moments. Why have we not been working on a way for us to be free from fearing ourselves? Certainly there is some advantages to being a fear based society. We can let our baser instincts dominate our lives for the sake of avarice, power and domination. This has been going on in one form or another since the time of humans. It is a wonder that our minds are wasted on the things that serve no great purpose for us all and the generations that follow. It is a bit embarrassing to be a member of the human race and have history record that we allow fear to permeate our society without making the purposeful goal of eliminating human fears upon each other. This is something that we can control. The one thing that most likely is stopping us from making our society less fear based is our own fear of doing it. Fear cannot be eliminated in totality as long as there is an unknown  in our lives. But the knowns need not be feared.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Introspection as a guide in life (#659)

Who am I? What is it to be me? Examining my life and what matters to me is how I find out. I need to spend time just within me. Meditating and remembering on the thoughts I have motivation for. Why do I do what I do? I have more questions but these will do for today's subject. I find that when I talk to myself in an ordinary way I get to the deeper meanings of my actions. I know that some years ago I would have been considered nuts for having a conversation with myself. Maybe still today that is true, I am not absolutely sure. But I do know this, that when I question myself logically and analytically I get results that are discoverable just below the surface. Thoughts that have gone unnoticed until I brought them out. I see questioning myself as a form of self-examination. A clinical process to look at all the little details that help me understand myself. I may seem to be talking in circles and if I am I will assure you that there is a straight line logical sequence to what I am trying to convey. My point is that I move through decisions exclusively to my detriment if I don't stop to know why. I am not infallible, things I do have consequences, and as such reflect back on me. If and when I react either to my instinct, intellect or common sense, because of time constraints, I hope that it will be because I have looked into my motivations as a whole and trust my principles that I am acting in the best of mine and others' interests. If I am acting upon instinct, intellect and common sense, without time constraint, I have a greater chance of developing my introspection as a guide and the result should be one or many that I am rightly purposeful about.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The evolution of my listening (#658)

I have learned how to pause when I engage my mouth to speak, whether inadvertently or not. Pausing has come in handy that few split seconds. It seems that waiting to hear the full comment before replying is mighty helpful. lol. I, in the past, had liked to jump right in when I thought, what was being conveyed, was clear. More times than not I was correct in my assumptions. However, the times I was not correct really amplified to me the insensitive nature I exhibited of not listening, with the right intent. I was always so eager to jump in to show that I had tremendous reasoning facilities and look at me, aren't I an especially wise one. The deep need to be recognized for what I thought was being ignored, my value, had commandeered my persona. Fortunately, time and experience allows us to see better the reality we live in. All of us are special and desire some recognition for what we know and how we think. Now , back to my problem with speaking before I listen in totality. How I was able to change this was the opposite of how I used to jump the gun on conversations. Instead of thinking that I needed to show how special I was, I came to realize that I needed to show how insignificant I am. I am not anymore special than any other person. I am only just the sum of my experiences and reasonings. Today when I am given an opportunity to express an opinion, I feel deeply honored that others may find some significance in my musings. Humility is my watchword. I am humbled to be alive and involved in life at this level. You know, the living, breathing level. I feel no need whatsoever to show that I am worthy to exist. I am now only someone who cares about others and myself enough that I respect those who talk to me and listen fully when they do.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raising the bar (#657)

The importance of meeting new people has tremendous advantages. Opportunities to learn of different and previously unknown cultural eccentricities can broaden our perspectives. I know of no one who could not benefit from having broader perspectives. Even opening up to the people we do know to learn more about them could as well help broaden our perspectives. The point being that in new and old relationships there are insights that can be gained to help us live better and more fruitful lives. In one particular way, what I am referring to is being able to motivate and push ourselves by seeing that same paradigm in others. When others push themselves to greater achievements it can have an attractive effect on us as well. We may not embrace what is being achieved by others as a priority in our own lives but we can appreciate the desire to achieve. The desire or raising the bar in how we look at what we want to achieve is the point. If all we have is what we know as to how to push ourselves toward our goals then we will be limiting our expectations. Some are born with a metabolism to achieve great results but most are just trudging along with the weight of the desired hoped. When I see other people pushing themselves toward a goal that is amazing if achieved then I as well wish to enlarge my own hope beyond a limited hope toward a greater and more substantial one. In other words, why settle for a slice of bread when the whole loaf can be gained. Then why settle for the loaf of bread when the bakery can be gained. Raising the bar in my life is not something that happens for me on it's own, I need others in my life that help me see that wanting more of a good thing is better than wanting less.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How do we show we care? (#656)

Care about what? Anything. It is in how that we respond to any situation that is within our ability to effect. How, the operative word. First, what is our motivation for even responding? If the motivation to respond has any selfishness to it then further thought is required before deciding to respond. If there is no selfishness involved and no harm can be seen, then responding in an affirmative way is appropriate. Our motivations to care must come from what is known to us as being helpful. Not all things seen to be helpful, are helpful in reality. Thought, and confirmation of giving help is sometimes necessary. What is most important is that the help or care must be given from our hearts. The best kind of care or help that can be given is unconditional. With no expectation of something in return. A noble concept that has only the best intent of high principled action. We all have a duty to be the best human we can be if we are to survive in a society that demands these natures and principles from us. I have long held the idea that the best way to happiness is to be selfless. In other words, do things for others instead of doing things only for yourself. What is the purpose of being alive? We have all asked ourselves this question at some time in our lives, well the purpose is to be ready, willing and able to experience what we have here in the best possible way. I know I did not answer the question but I do not know anyone who can. In the meantime, we must make the best of our world and treat each other like the gift to life we are and make the best of our uncertain existence. We show we care in how we help and treat each other when help and treat are truly needed.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trusting my instincts (#655)

I have written on trusting my instincts before but not as the main subject of a post. I have over 600 of these posts behind me now and remembering all the insights is not easy. I do have a guide though and that being, tell the truth as I know it and never deviate from my principles unless they can be improved upon. Trusting my instincts has proven to be important and enlightening. What are these instincts I am referring too? Simply put, they are my non-thinking actions. The impetus and momentum of my life is my next step. I have garnered ideals by which I try very hard to bring to practice. It is in the consistency of trying very hard, that I am further away from old behavior that does not reflect my intention anymore. My intentions are now, hopefully, being reflected by my actions based upon my hope for our combined futures. I "trust" that what is inside me now is the very thing that will help guide my future. I do not need to, necessarily, plan and coordinate every step I take in order to advance on my path in life. I can trust my instinct to carry me at times when the next step I take is too complicated for my mind to process in a quick and efficient way. I try to be true to myself and as such receive the benefit of actually acting as myself as well. Not everything can be planned or scheduled. Somewhere, somehow I have learned to trust that who I am is deep and runs through the conscious and subconscious parts of my mind. Although I am human and naturally prone to making mistakes, I am permeated to the bone marrow with the principles of the better and best natures humanity has achieved. I am humbled that I see that life, for me, must be right and good. Knowing what right and good are in action, sometimes is displayed when I cannot do it logically, but instinctually I can.

Monday, November 15, 2010

There are no deserves (#654)

None of us deserves anything. What did I say? How can that be? Well. let me explain what I mean. We are born into this world with no recollection of why. Apparently our only memories are from this life not anything before it. As such we are fresh and new to this existence as far as we have been able to establish. Therefore we have no expectation of rights about the beginning of our lives. There are societal rights, depending upon which country you are actually born in, that have been established from past human effort, but not of our own doing at the time of our birth. We have been gifted with our time in human existence with the work accomplished by those who came before us. We did not deserve any of this, what there is for us, for better or worse, was left here as a tragic struggle or other motivation. Certainly, we have molded ourselves into society to take what advantages we could get through calculating and perseverance, but only because the opportunities existed previous to us using them. Everything we do is as a result of something that was made available to us from the past. Even those things we build on in the present are just an extension of what the past has provided. We are the beneficiaries of the sacrifices from previous generations. It is a privilege to live in our existence at this time. We have continuing struggles but the foundations of our daily lives has already been established. I am not saying that we shouldn't continue to strive to make our and/or everyone else' life better but the mindset that we deserve is fallacious.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Help others and happiness will find you (#653)

It doesn't always work that way but mostly it does for me. Happiness sometimes is hard to define, but a sure indicator with me is when I find I am smiling. It doesn't take much for me to smile either. I do something good for someone or for some cause and a sense of satisfaction and emotional uplift occurs. I have no problem at all distinguishing between the cause and effect of this. My happiness is directly related to how I treat others. Nothing else is quite like it. Certainly I can make a major investment in some really cool piece of merchandise but the initial excitement of having attained a material item soon wears off. However, actions I take for the benefit of others, sticks with me for my lifetime. They also have indirect effects. When someone is directly affected by some action I take to help them they view me kindly and speak kindly about me, as well as, they are more likely to help someone else as well. I am a firm believer in "what comes around, goes around". My pursuit of happiness is like a way of life for me now. Not only do I get the great feeling associated with being happy, but I also get to help spread that feeling to others. What is the purpose of life? I am not sure and I will probably never know for absolute certainty but making this existence a better place to live and doing positive things seems to be sufficient for me. It is my hope that all of us will see the necessity of helping each other so that life can be just a little bit more happily bearable than it currently is.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Facebook, blogs and other means to express (#652)

I can only imagine what my life would have been like if I had the options to express like I do now. I can, with some certainty, say that we all have something to say and a desire to be heard. When I was growing up and in my formative years there were few options for being heard and for even gathering information to help clarify my insights. That is not as difficult today. With the advent of the Internet and it's many components, gathering information and formulating much more precise arguments and thesis', is far easier. Having platforms to express the arguments and thesis' have also become more readily available because of the Internet. Facebook allows us to gain new acquaintences and share information of similar interest. I use blogger to express a daily opinion on some subject and as such fulfill my desire to be heard at my convenience. E-mail also is a way of sending out information to multitudes at the touch of a keystroke. I do not write letters much anymore but still do keep the means for them if I choose. Some things in life surpass the electronic age as to dearness to the heart and having received an handwritten letter is one of them. Mostly though, if I want to express in word, I have the means to do so in a way that is recorded and available for perusal. The ability to express myself is not the only consideration I have to make. The content of my message must reflect the high standards I have for myself. I like to think that (the better and best of humanity) is my guiding principle of virtue. I have a duty and a responsibility to only present objective and well thought out insights if I am to put my name on anything I write for public or private viewing. Expressing myself in the written word can never be for less than positive reasons. Learning to express myself in written form is a practice that I am continuing to perfect as it is a craft of refinement. I welcome all the challenges associated with it because I get to express like I have never been able to before.

Friday, November 12, 2010

On the subject of harm (#651)

John Stuart Mill will always be the link for me in defining how I think about harm. It is not like I spend time thinking about harm, but when the subject of thought or action turns to the possibility of harm, I remind myself of Mr. Mill"s statement: "Do no harm". Three little words of huge magnitude. Do no harm to others or to oneself. Now the context of doing no harm is wide and varied. It includes physical, mental and emotional. That being said, I find that in my life doing no harm is very difficult to attain. Mostly, I do no harm but realistically, I harm despite not wanting to. Life is complicated and I get moving fast and when I move too fast I leave myself vulnerable to harming myself and others. The details of my life are crucial. The opposite of what I had been inculcated to believe. It is in the living of every moment and the details that make that up I find areas where, if I am not paying attention, the opportunity for harm is possible. The value of trying not to harm is that I get to understand the notion of slowing down so that I have a better sense of how I am living my life. It also reflects back that I am not alienating and causing strife to those in my life. Three little words. Although there are three little words which correspond with "Do no harm" and they are "I love you". In doing no harm I find that I can love others and enjoy the camaraderie and love in return from others. I wanted to entitle this post selflessness or the effects of being selfish, however, I decided to take the tack of coming at this subject from the cost/benefit of the action of thought. We must know how to live in order to teach our children how to live. To change the paradigm from "it's all about me", we must begin by understanding and accepting the principle Mr. Mill has phrased for us: "Do no harm".

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How do we see our future? (#650)

If I could have everyone write what they see our future as, I am certain we would see more things in common than we suspect. Possibly a society that has opportunities for all to be productive and contributive. What is the purpose other than to maintain order and offer fun as recreation? I would hope that doing space exploration would be our greatest curiosity in this reality. I am only talking about this reality, that is while we are alive. The one great unknown that is all around us is the space we are contained in. What is it? How far out does it go? What can be found out there that is awaiting our discovery? Certainly, bringing order and common purpose to our society, on whole, is the first step, but while we are working on that step we can also continue to expand our capabilities toward space exploration. A new and exciting future exists outside the areas of our known understandings. Some may be fearful and that is to be expected. No one lives in this existence without a dose of fear concerning the unknown. But traditionally we have been able to unlock our courage enough to defy our fear and step into the unknown. I always try to look at life as a great adventure with untold stories just waiting to be revealed. As a human being, I am comprised of the nature of curiosity. It is a destiny within me waiting to be used. The mere fact that life has offered us incomplete knowledge and the mind and will to try and complete that knowledge, is proof to me that my future is still yet out there, bigger and greater than the present I have now. That is my view, what is yours?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The attraction of the unknown (#649)

This is why I love to learn. I am attracted to knowing things I do not know. It is a positive thing for me. Some might not agree about knowing things yet unknown as a positive thing, but I do. I can agree that we are all different and what we want out of life would be different as well. The comfortability of having things stay constant is understood and at some level I also like consistency in life. It is not the reality of life and no matter how much I may wish for it to be so, it isn't. My internal motivation to know and understand keeps me focused on the bigger picture of experiencing change. Like I said, on some level I wish things could remain the same but that level is not real. It is just nostalgic. What I really want is more change in mighty ways and that is my true wish for life. It always comes back to the fact that life is short and all the living I want to do in it will not get accomplished. My wish is for me to somehow suspend the paradigm of time to allow for a fuller and deeper experience with life before it is over and the end of my life occurs. With what I presently know I am unable to configure a theory for suspending time. That doesn't mean that some variation of that does not exist. It just means that if it does exist, it is as yet, unknown to me. Hence the drive to know the unknowable. I may seem a little unrealistic but realism has been evolving and who is to say what realism will look like in the future? I have no illusions about finding the "fountain of youth" but that does not mean I give up all search for it. I get to define what my life will be about and I will do just that. Somehow when my time in existence is up, I will at least know before I leave existence, (probably through death, lol.) that I have not given up on what can be, only on what there is at the time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reason is our one advantage (#648)

The only thing that separates humans from the other species on this planet is our evolved sense of reason. Without it we are still trying to find fire for our campfires. This one essential component has allowed us to advance from living to survive, to living to understand. From reason we have nurtured and grown in our abilities to communicate. From the days of us being hunters and gatherers as a sole source of maintaining our existences, we have been able to learn how to live together relatively. We have formed civilizations and founded ideas into realities. We have taken more than just the life sustaining fruit of this planet to advance into industry and technology. Our advances in just in the last 500 years have been incredible. All of this movement into enlightenment have come as a direct result of being able to reason. Intelligence, is our one claim to the Universe that we are greater than the sum of our physical bodies. What is inside our minds is not necessarily revealed by just looking at us. We have the capability to conquer the physics we are limited by, the unknown we have yet to discover, and discover we will, and all other possibilities that are not natural to our perceived limitations. To be born a human being is quite an impressive achievement. How this happens that we are born human is something I have no clue about but that it does happen has been my fortuitous luck. Given that we have the ability to reason, possibly sometime in the future we may actually find out why. With reason there are no limitations that are beyond imagining. Make no mistake however, reason is our one true advantage and it must be protected from being dismissed as just another amongst many human traits.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A new paradigm in our society (#647)

I have heard the phrases "take our country back" and "I want things the way they used to be". I understand the sentiment. For me, what those phrases mean is, I want things the way they were when life seemed simpler and more understandable. I also wish I could have things the way they were when I was comfortable in life and there seemed to be less conflict and chaos. What I do know however is that the past is not coming back. Just like those who were close to me and died are not coming back either. I also know that what seemed like simpler times were just times where the whole truth was shielded from me. As much as I remember the good of days gone by I must also understand the bad that I was not privy to. When seen in an overall perspective through the lens of time I now understand that we have progressed forward from those days, and these days, however confusing, are still an improvement on the past. I, to this day, will always try to keep the good, moving forward, from the past but I will never try to keep the bad. As we continue to evolve, both in science and thought processes, the past and it's simpler times also begin to fade. Our destiny is out in front of us, not so much behind us. We need the past to remind of us where we have been but we need the future even more to give us vision as to where we hope to be. All of us live in the present and that is where we should spend most of our time. Not only living but thinking about the present as well. But the present is just a moment in time and having a destination to look forward to, into the future, is where we should set our sights.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Occam's Razor and the American Experiment (#646)

Elementarily put, "The simplest explanation is more likely the correct one."-Wikipedia. Whenever there is some doubt to most anything, always revert to your common sense or the most logical explanation. Doing this is not enough however, further investigation or research is still required. We have to be able to negotiate the reality we live in with our own ability to find truths were we can. The days of relying on some statesman/woman or some talking head is over. Never before has the crucial decisions we face been more important for us to understand. We are at a pivotal point in the evolution of our country and perhaps our world as well. The fits and starts of the progress we make as a species has been the hallmark of our time in existence. Our American history tells us that we are not a rationally contiguous society. We often take a step back after taking two steps forward. It has been our destiny so far though to continue forward despite our irrationality. Our greatest obstacles have been ourselves and some perceptions that are advanced with little to no benefit except to those who can make the perceptions appear to be correct. This is why I write this post today. It is an effort to have us all examine what is being promoted as what is needed for our health and welfare. We must all get up to speed and that won't happen unless we all engage in the necessary considerations of logic and human dignity. Nothing should be considered sacred when looking at how things work and how they could work better. There are new and novel ways at looking at things that go beyond what our history has provided. It is our destiny to shape and form a more perfect union as our founders had hoped we would.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My mind and my heart (#645)

As long as I am alive I will have these two entities at my command. I will not give them to anyone whom I choose not to. I say this because society has a way of taking from me the things I wish only to keep. My mind and my heart are the two things that make life worth living. It seems that society demands from me certain loyalties which coerce from me the control of whom I love and what I think about. It is rather amusing to me the seriousness of conviction, with which others place boundaries at and around how I should think and feel. It is a manipulation based on some concept with a purpose. I did not say the concept with a purpose is a principled ideal, just that an entity wants specific results. The free-thinking of my mind and the free spirit of my soul would never allow me to be entrapped in circumstances or situations that would allow me to compromise my  mind and heart. Some things in life are not worth the exchange. My attitude, to me is refreshing, in that others would and do tell me that powers beyond their control need to dictate compromise in their life. I am well with the sacrifice that others make to remain in the situations they allow for themselves, however I am not of that type. I will not allow politics or economics to sway my ideals toward any situation not conducive to my protecting the two gifts of life I have, my mind and my heart. The selling off of my heart or mind to placate anyone for a benefit derived screams of lack of conviction or effort to protect my reason to live. I will not construct walls around myself for the sake of an illusory benefit. Courage to be me is my hope and it is attained by not giving in to the powers that would take my courage and discard it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another day in this paradise (#644)

Once again I get the privilege of waking up from my overnight sleep. The process of falling asleep and shutting down is natural to me now. I do not take it for granted however, but I accept it's reality. That is how precious I find the gift of life. I do not want to waste any of it. The sleeping part has had me worried in the past. I was not sure I would awaken every time I did sleep. I suppose it is why I feel such a lift or gratitude for having another day. I have seen how existence has dealt with all of life and I know the fragility we all share in maintaining our lives. The fact that we live only a finite time has me on edge about how I am to live my life. I feel anxious at times. Like I am not accomplishing all the things I wish to do while I can. It is a nervousness of not fulfilling. I always come back to the fact that I am fortunate to be me and all of what that is. I am also fortunate to live on this planet where resources are available to supplement my existence. The natural wonder of things help as well. I have not been given some purpose that makes me necessary to life, this much I know. I do though feel a sense of giving of myself unto the world what I can perceive as helpful. This does give me some sense of satisfaction and renewal within my soul. There is nothing great within me struggling to get out but what there is within me I am trying to expose to the light of day for anyone to see. I am not ashamed or embarrassed by who or what I am. This allows me to reflect back out to others what good I find within myself. Hopefully our paradise will be that much better because I am not trying to diminish it rather I am trying to enhance it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Every action matters (#643)

This post is not about the actions we take per se, it is about the reasons for the actions. Why do we do what we do. I am somewhat lost as to the actions of some that are in direct conflict with their own best interest. Certainly there are noble deeds done to thwart some great evil, but when that is not the issue why would anyone do what would harm themselves the most? What exists within us that makes us hurt ourselves without a tangible or logical explanation as to why? The subtlety of confusion can explain some of it but for the most part understanding our needs is simplistic in our own personal lives. Most decisions we make in life have to do with improving our lives and the lives around us. For some decisions to go the opposite way is an anomaly that I am less understanding of. Personally, I have done things to spite others even if it meant to spite myself. That of course is childish and immature. Most people I would assume who have great responsibilities cannot afford the luxury of less mature behavior. The pull and sway of acceptance and the illusion of intelligence may have some part in how and why we engage in actions that either serve our purposes or completely make obsolete our purpose or intent. But the greater majority of those who would feel some satisfaction in an action they committed, even though the action was to their detriment, remains mostly confusing to me. I do not know why those who's actions are detrimental to themselves occur. I am trying to understand why this happens. In my own life I listen to many perspectives and evaluate them with mine, sometimes my perspective gains in some areas but not to the point of taking an action that limits my existence by choice.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our greatest achievement (#642)

This is not easy since I don't know where we started out at. I would like to think that it is our ability to reason but I don't know if that wasn't inherent within us when we first came into being as a species. Less reason, I suppose it is the idea of community. Again though the necessity of society could very well be a by-product of the knowledge that without it we would be in constant anarchy. As a society though we have been able to make tremendous advancements. Our modern form of government might be our greatest achievement but the verdict is still out on that. I guess I just might have to look at the industrial and technological concepts we have put to use. Flying in planes and space ships is magnificent. Driving in propelled automobiles and water craft is outstanding. Communicating, through land lines, cellular and satellite phones is marvelous. What we can do medically to save and enhance lives is incredible. The ideas we are constantly improving on to better our lives is being fostered by availability of educational opportunities. If I was to choose our greatest achievement I would lean toward the way we share thoughts and ideas with each other. We have libraries and Internet sources for gathering information. There are so many of us that with possibilities offered, many new innovations can be realized. Our education and continued curiosity for learning what as yet has been unlearned is captivating. As each new generation comes into being, the hope that our knowledge from the past and now in the present will be built upon for those who come into the future. I guess I have come back full circle to reason and it's offerings as our greatest achievement.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Growth beyond stereotypical expectations (#641)

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why...I dream of things that never were and ask why not."-Robert F. Kennedy. This quote has stuck with me as much as any quote ever has. In it is the hope of mankind. It is all about growth from where we are to where we could be. I have found out something about myself that has proven a truism. I am relentless about moving forward with possibilities. I too find what is, unacceptable, when I foresee better. I am not comfortable with the status quo when I see the effect has less than desirable consequences. I am not one who can be complacent. It is truly magnificent to be able to know who I am and continue to allow myself to be who I am. Being uncomfortable keeps me on my toes and focused on the greater prize our society hopes to envision for the future. I can never say this enough times, life is too short and any wasted moments are just regrets waiting to happen. The growth that I, am still and always will, go through is the by-product of me learning and being open to ideas that have logical reasoning to them. It is difficult at times to know what thinking or ideas to accept. However the fact of difficulty only challenges me to overcome. When things are difficult, I am motivated even more since in the overcoming of the difficult I find great satisfaction and insight. The "hard" is where knowledge has the best chance of becoming reality instead of just some ideal. I am not on this planet for just sensation experience, ie... see, hear, smell, taste and touch. I am here to expand my mind into thoughts and facts that enhance reality, not to just visit reality. Not everyone thinks the way I do about purpose and what each of us do in existence. I do know what I need to do and I am well into doing that very thing.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The perception of reality (#640)

We base most everything we do on how we perceive things. What that perception entails is the discussion of this post. Most often we accept facts or truths based on how we receive them. It is not as often a circumstance where we will do our own research to establish the validity of information presented. We generally accept information based upon a pattern of belief in the information giver and/or an alignment with our personal philosophy. However, this is not the best way to know facts. Facts can be found through researching claims made as to their validity. Some facts can be interpreted various different ways but the actual fact or facts themselves must be irrefutable. I find most people, whom I am in contact with, have many assumptions about events or thoughts that are not first-hand or completely known. It is common to be aware of some parts of events and form and speak opinions, but to be able to say with certainty requires indisputable knowledge of the event or theory. I have found that when I am researching a topic or event, I am almost certain that I cannot form a concrete analysis to an absolute. Occasionally I am able, over time, to be as knowledgeable as I can be and prescribe an informed opinion based upon many factors. More often then not I am left with only a response of I am not sure or I don't know. Those responses are correct to give since they are the truth for me. I do not need to be that guy who has all these "indisputable" opinions. I need to be the guy who wants to know the true nature of things and be an objective interpreter of those things that I can comment about. Facts and truths are concrete forms that are not subjective analysis that can be opinionated about because of the reasonableness of their alignment with my philosophy. I gain my philosophy by interpreting facts based upon objective reasoning and conclusions, not by fitting the facts into whatever philosophy I happen to ascribe to.