Monday, October 29, 2012

Courage is a choice (#1368)

So many things in life are a choice, including most things we do as daily actions. We go about our routines with little interruption to their preconceived plannings. It is our coping mechanism for the myriad duties we prevail upon ourselves as "necessary". We have institutionalized our behaviors to conform to a status and we will damn well implement that status, even to the point of subjugating our internal sense of propriety in order to complete our defined goal. The supposition, within the hierarchy of our principles, of an honest truism that guide our goals is often questionable when conflict of interest is confronted. Holding two different principles at once, that conflict, leave us with an interesting choice. Usually not a lot of thought goes into the analysis to determine the right choice, but instead expediency and appearance often rule the day. We morph our principles into a mash of convenience and acceptability based upon factors that have little to do with idealism, and even less to do with practicality. Our choices often involve taking the short-cut or the easy way around a thorny complex issue. We so often default to the simplest conclusion, based upon factors less to do with honor and courage and more to do with peer pressure and conformance. I am not personally a member of too many groups since I have a way with being contrary to like-minded protocols. I rub people wrong, not as a strategy, but as a individual who likens keeping honorable principles at my core on my sleeve. In other words I am no bullshit artist or cavalier interloper ready to fit in with the ease of a chameleon. I prefer to have the courage of my convictions as a solid base and let that take me where it will.

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