Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love positive Karma (#1363)

"What comes around goes around" seems to be a universal truism, whether or not we can prove it or not. I have at so many times in my life felt the circle close on things I thought I had gotten away with. the discretions of my youth, lol. I learned that there is always some sort of inverse reaction to my actions, whether immediately realized or not, that I could count on. Even when I had been wronged something good had always come along to rectify the wrong. Nothing is ever simple, every thought and action has a layer to it that dimensionally expands it's effect. I know that what I consider proportional is most always prejudiced into my favor by me. It is how I think and feel. What the truth of the thing is, I am at fault more than I ever give myself consideration for being. So much so that I have allowed myself to create a new way of looking at life. Instead of from my point of view, I don't bring a point of view into it. I let the situation or circumstance play out within normal bounds and then try to apply honor to it. I have learned that being selfish for me is not a happy place for me. Instead, being unselfish toward others brings me a contentment that allows the smile on my face to be genuine. I have seen many deceptive and forced smiles in my time and nothing reflects back more earnestly than a genuine smile. That is one of the riches in life I am willing to pursue. As a benefit of doing well by others I get to have karma come back to me in a positive sense. I no longer fear the backward glance into the past at my failings, rather I enjoy the forward coming of new experiences filled with trust and a belief in me by others I had forgotten was available to those who love doing better for others than doing worse for others. Life is good once you realize what the prizes in life provide.  

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