Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The state of natural being (#1369)

There is no one size fits all state of natural being. We are all different in how we interpret and experience a constant state. How much more so is it that we are different in a state of being that is inconstant? Our own life determines what is our natural being. What we do have in this existence are rules and mores that help us to keep our natural state of being, whatever it may be, within parameters that are acceptable by our peers. We all do this, conform ourselves to make ourselves acceptable to our society. We are animals first and then we realize that we are also rational, able to reason and apply logic. It is this dual identity we all share that has it's most profound effect on us in defining who we are. Some prefer to let more of the animal nature within us all prevail over the analytical nature we all share. There is also the inverse where the analytical is weighed more heavily than the animal. All of us fall somewhere in between these two paradigms of our shared instincts. When we further divine down into what form the animal and the analytical subgroups entail, we find that there are polar opposites within each group. Some are more animal than others and some are more analytical than others. We have as many and more different permutations of behavior as there are persons living. So how do we reconcile these "choices" we decide to play out in our lives? We continue to evolve our human species toward an ideal, an ideal that would allow us to have the best of both our natures' abilities while locking away the worst of our abilities as taboos. Know this, we will always have the full context of our natures at hand, but as human beings, we also have the duty to ourselves and others to restrain from implementing that part of our existence not worthy of an enlightened and advanced civilization. More on this later....

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