Saturday, October 20, 2012

The underpinnings of reality (#1359)

Yesterday's blog post was an honest rant about how I have evolved when all current factors are evaluated. I can not allow an association with anything that defies the logic of reality. Now what is the logic of reality? Simple, it is truth and facts with reasoning, analysis and conclusion. Surely though we can debate truth and facts as to whether they are consistent across all parameters and that is well and good. What is not debatable is whether truth and facts don't matter. When we start thinking that our own set of thought processes concerning reality can actually exist outside of reality is when we have crossed over to a paradigm that cannot be sustained by logic. Logic only exists as a formula for understanding when it is firmly grounded in reality. None of the accepted formulas for us to understand and hopefully agree on things can exist when there is no common formula for us to apply. Therefore using logic to define something that is outside reality is illogical. When truths and facts are distorted and accepted as reality, those who have done this are no longer logical. I see a lot of this in people who have belief systems they confuse with fact. I also see this in people who deny reality as an end result because it does not fit their frame of hoped for future vision, for example, forcing the ends to fit the means. More like distortion but still illogical. Regardless, those who would rather prescribe their futures to myth or magic are the ones who are constantly butting up against what is real and turn from reality toward that which is not real. I suppose they hope for their conclusions to appear despite the illogic of it but such is the nature of not pinning ones understanding of facts and truths, with logic, in reality.

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