Sunday, October 28, 2012

When I don't care anymore (#1367)

I don't foresee a day when that will happen to me but I do see it in some who have given up caring and instead just give in to life and let time pass. the passion for living is so deep within me that no amount of physical or mental beat downs will ever separate me from my passion. At times, I am like everyone who goes through peaks and valleys emotionally and psychologically, yet even at my lowest point I can still draw on my experiences to realize that I am one helluva lucky person. First, I was raised in a family where love was expressed by actions and thoughts. Second, I have a wonderful healthy outlook on life both in my mind and throughout my body. Third, I was raised in a country where the ideal of striving to being better is a promise. Fourth, and just as important as the first three, I have been taught that my will to succeed at anything I try my most earnest at is an opportunity available for me. Nothing is off limits to the person who truly has a vision and the will to create it. These concepts and others help to make my life viable and vibrant in such ways as to eliminate the need to give up on the best that life has to offer. I am no saint, nor do I claim to be, but what I am is inspirational to some around me and to myself who think that despite my faults, of which there are plenty, I am a worthy and respectable human being. When and if I ever don't care anymore is the day that I die, either literally die, or metaphorically die in spirit. Like I said, I do not foresee that will ever happen and I will be on guard to make sure no one or thing ever takes my caring about all things away.

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