Friday, October 26, 2012

You should not live off your laurels (#1365)

Everyday is a new day and what we have done in the past should not carry us beyond the present into the future. I am writing of past accomplishments to justify self-glorified inaction today. Here is how I see this. When I had a great day in the past, I felt good about it and experienced that good feeling, however, when I started again into the next day, my slate was clean and I wanted to have another good day. Each day brings it's own opportunities for accomplishment and experiencing each new day for what it can be is how life should be lived. Others find that living from past good experiences into the present is "owed" them for some indeterminate time. That is lazy and wrongheaded thinking. There is a saying or axiom that has floated around me all my life, "what have you done for me lately?" and this axiom is a perfect example of how life should be lived. I know we all need a break now and then from doing good things all the time because it takes a lot of effort to accomplish and resting between efforts is understandable. What is not understandable is acting like each of us is some highly unique individual worthy of something greater and beyond, than anyone else. Those that travel through life as if all of us owe them some great debt of constant gratitude are the ones I am referencing. I appreciate heroes who act unselfishly to their own detriment and certainly accolades are deserved. It is the ones who expect accolades and are not humble about it who are the ones who have yet to see what the meaning of unselfish really means. There are many untold heroes in our shared days who never receive any "pat on the back" for their efforts and they continue on despite that. 

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