Friday, November 30, 2012

Another milestone (#1400)

Numbers are just a method for signifying amounts, times, dates, etcetera. But they do have a way of infiltrating our emotions as well. Take for example our birthdays and anniversaries. Numbers can change our attitudes and offer opportunities for us to remember. Such is a day for me today. Nothing too special but significant to me. This is my 1400th blog post. I would say consecutive blog post but there were 3 days in which I was did not post a subject. I did however post 2 blog subjects on the very next day, 3 times, to keep my total up with the one blog per day since the first day I started, January 31, 2009. Regardless of those 3 missed days, I have had a real satisfying feeling whenever I reach a 100 level of blog posts. I guess I am just happy that I have found a forum for expressing my thoughts on varied subjects as they strike me. It is satisfying as well that I don't just let my thoughts go into the ether without spending some time recognizing them. More that anything, whenever I reach a personal milestone like this it reminds me that I have committed to something that isn't always a comfort to accomplish. Sometimes I just have very little to say but when I start typing a thought it amazes me where it leads me. I do try to keep the words down to between 250 and 350 and so far I have been able to generalize and specify within those limits. Not all of my blog posts leave me feeling like I have done something useful but they do leave me with the knowledge that I have given what I have and that is all I can expect from myself. Tomorrow will be just another day but for today I am well satisfied that I have moved closer to whatever limit I may reach. :)

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