Monday, November 19, 2012

Boundaries and dogmas are killing us (#1389)

The world needs to be one big city. Why do we have such a hard time understanding that we are all citizens of Planet Earth? More than anything else that reality trumps all lesser organizational ideas. When you hear that some are interested in solving all of our problems and they don't start from this simple beginning they are not truly interested in solving all of our problems. It is not that they are intentionally being deceptive, it is just that they fail to understand the word all. Think about it! All of our wars with each other are over national boundaries and ideologies. Can we rationally justify the premeditated killing of humans based upon selfishness? Can we actually say that one person deserves to have opportunities to exist in some parts of the world and others don't? Can we continue to turn our backs on the real devastation and death we allow to happen without having a fierce objection? Are we so selfish in our lives that pain, suffering and death are of no consequence to us because we feel helpless to stop it? I will not quit screaming from the top of my lungs about the injustice we continue to hurl upon others while little repercussion to the act settles upon ourselves. We need to form a society with all humans as it's citizens. We cannot continue to kill each other in the name of lines on a map and words in "archaic" books. I am ashamed at us for not being the 21st century human beings we think we are. We must stop the insanity of treating some as nothing and some as everything. We are all the same and no amount of manipulating ancient ideas as a strategy to continue selfishness is worth one single human death on our heads.

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