Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Building a new society (#1397)

We now have the technology and innovative processes to be able to redesign how our society functions. We have all the components in place to continue to supply information and intelligence on a vast scale to effectively be able to discard old institutional thinking. What I am saying here is that the previous engines of greed and fear or no longer necessary to build a society. We have amazing capabilities now to feed, clothe, shelter and transport our citizens of not only our own country but of the world. We can now initiate sound health practices to prevent our population from knowable maladies whilst also controlling our birth in order to maximize the logistics of eliminating poverty. We have moved into the enlightenment of our surroundings with such measure as to realize that although we come from different parts of the Earth we are all of us still human beings with too many more similarities than differences. The old paradigms of greed and fear have served a mixed bag of purposes and arguments for their continuance have become obsolete. We are greater together than apart and once we all find our way to each other without the negativism that has stirred among us for all of our history, we will prove it. We all have a duty to survive and if surviving is the only purpose then we have achieved that but we are much more than creatures who survive. We are curious and we care about people, places and things. As we continue to evolve as a species in this existential environment, we should now begin our reevaluation of how we move forward into our and our children's bold futures.

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