Saturday, November 17, 2012

Controlling our urges (#1387)

This is what is the great achievement of the human species, we can control what drives us. Our motivations, mental and physical, can be harnessed to be unleashed when defined by civilization to be appropriate. All of us are still working on those definitions of civilization but we are very able to do so. It is usually intentional when we don't control our urges. We are animals and prone to animalistic instincts and of that we will never be free of if we remain in our natural state. But modifying what we act upon as animals is our duty if we are ever going to participate in the progress of our societies. We all have the foundation for reason. We can understand consequences based upon experience and knowledge. Nothing is so difficult as to be impossible to figure out. Instead of focusing on ourselves as the highest priority in existence, we need to see a more panoramic view of what is happening in the world to all of us. Certainly, we are individually responsible for a duty to ourselves but not to the exclusion of the basis for our civilization, which is to maintain a semblance of order while allowing for opportunity to all who can participate. We are fortunate to be born into a time when most of the hard struggle for our civilized structure has already been achieved. We now need to look inside ourselves and find those areas where we need improvement. Like controlling those urges that are fleeting and often denigrated once applied. We are not the prehistoric creatures that it took for us to evolve. We are a more advanced species for our mistakes and rectifications. We have more room to improve and that is the next step in how we advance our destiny.

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