Saturday, November 24, 2012

Levels of expectations (#1394)

Their are subtle differences in what I expect of myself and much less from others. I demand from myself certain thoughts and actions as related to my personal health and welfare. We all have some level of expectation as to how we think and act in life. Those are fundamental and don't need much explanation. However the extraneous aspects of my life get a little trickier. Let's start with my level of comfort. I hope to live a life that offers me some basic conveniences like good transportation and actual relaxing living spaces. I also hope for decent attire and healthy food. Like most things of this nature I have some expectation but not to the point that I demand that they exist to the point of recklessness. I place things in motion around me that does seem to help me attain some sense of my proper propriety. As I have gotten older I have been fortunate to live in a country that has opportunities, albeit limited in our current economic climate, that allow for different pathways toward keeping my expectations somewhat hopeful. Then there are the expectations of what a happy life life should look like. I have no control over those things except to participate as a happy person. I have wants and desires that go beyond foundational needs, yet I live to level of what my expectations can properly and rationally achieve. I do not lose sleep over circumstances that don't rise to a hoped for expectation because I have not staked or placed myself into some type of jeopardy regardless of outcome. I get what comes to me and I am thankful for it's appearance. My happiness is not dependent upon an outcome, my happiness is only dependent upon how I shape my outlook.

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