Thursday, November 15, 2012

Never stop wondering! (#1385)

All of us at some point in our lives have given up wondering what all of this existence is about and have instead focused on how we operate our society as a means to an end. We place ourselves, strategically mind you, into positions that help us to live modern and abundant lives. There is nothing wrong with this type of plan, except it is just marking time, not moving forward. Certainly we need some essential things in our lives like food, shelter, clothing and means for transporting, however once we have secured these, most move further with making these needs and adding special wants. The default position as I like to think of it. We settle for what we can do instead of using what we are naturally given to question all that is around us even to the point of sacrificing the quality of those oft needed essentials for living. If I am not clear let me put it this way. We have given up on our wondering what this existence means to us and have instead decided to play a role within society that revolves around just security and limited freedom. Our main priority has become to keep improving on the level of the quality of our needs instead of just securing our needs and then questing to find answers to the mysteries of existence. Just going about being a statistic within society and maintaining a level of comfort we have decided is the most important priority to ourselves. A neutral existence within an unknown. I personally could care less about the quality of my needs, I care far more on knowing why I even need them to begin with. I have questions about existence that no human can answer so it is incumbent upon me to wonder and seek any and all means to my ability to discover. I will not come into this existence and just allow myself to spend the time I have been given settling for anything less!

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