Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our human destiny (#1399)

What is our purpose as humans? What is it that makes us worthy of surviving in this existence? Is it our brute force? Is it our kill or be killed fear? If all we were supposed to be is an agile low intelligent animal then we would still be that! Instead we have evolved into a species that has changed what is known about the past into a future with tremendous possibility. We are on the verge of mastering our surroundings and that includes the space around our planet. That we have evolved speaks to our abilities beyond physical force. It speaks to our curious minds and what our minds are capable of. We have learned and stored knowledge in our minds much like the memory of a computer. Not nearly as efficient as a computer, yet we did create the computer so that our minds are free to create new thoughts without the actual burden of having our minds full of facts and figures. We keep those facts and figures at our fingertips in the form of the Internet as a library. Our minds are freed up to concoct new horizons, to improve what is still an awful manifestation of humanity. We are shedding the ways of the past that had served to bring us out of the dark ages of building a civilized society and now we are entering a new phase where all human life in it's glory can have a rational and reasonable expectation of happy pursuits. We humans are in place to move beyond our own selfish ambitions toward laying a foundation that settles our own society into a model for behavior which then allows us to propel ourselves out into the unknown that still surrounds us. We have evolved into a mighty force and with the understanding of our purpose on whole, to care and to wonder, we will continue our evolution into the millenniums yet lived.

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