Monday, November 26, 2012

Strength should be quiet until needed (#1396)

Those that have to display power as a means to rectify wrong are using their strength correctly. A sort of reserved approach to strength's force. We all have an inner strength that is at times a glorious thing to experience. I try to respect everyone's right to freedom but when their freedom intersects and diminishes mine, I am one solid buttress against it. I hold that power beneath how I reflect myself out to the world. I don't need to show my strength to anyone until it is needed. There are those who feel that if they don't express their strength as a strategy then they are not worthy of respect. That is one hundred percent backwards to expressing their worth. Those who do show their strength are the driven types of people who bully and coerce with the threat of duress. That does not show courage or strength, instead it shows weakness and cowardice. The balance between expressing strength and reserving it is subtle but distinguishable. When harm or denial of basic right is being advanced then the time for girding up one's strength is appropriate. When selfishness and or an illusory greedy gain is the goal then quite obviously using strength to achieve that is inappropriate. Not everything is perfectly distinguishable however most all things have a conscious component that allows us the ability to understand our actions. We must not allow ourselves the option to ignore how and when we use our will's power when experiencing life. We have a duty to our society, we have a duty to our families and friends and we ultimately have a duty to our own sense of right and wrong, to only unleash our strength only when it is rightly regarded by those who are affected by it's application. Respect through strength will never be earned through strategies that harm. The only way to respectfully use our strength, as a force for good, is to reserve our power until it is needed. 

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