Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why do so many American capitalists hate American workers? (#1824)

I just don't get this. I guess I am a different breed of human because for me it is all about the quality of life I can help bring not only to myself but all others around me. It suppose that in our American economy, it doesn't take a man or woman of honorable principles to amass fortunes. Because in a perfect world, those who did more for others than themselves would truly be the heroes and successes in our society. What we have instead is a breed of human that has sold his soul to less than honorable principles rather than to stand up and fight against the system that they have otherwise given into. So it does seem like the natural progression to assume that if a successful capitalist has made his fortune by gaming the rules they would naturally look upon everyone else who didn't as weak and insufferable. That would explain why so many capitalists have nothing much more than contempt for those who are not like them. Once they have sold their soul to unscrupulous behavior they have lost all dignity and honor as an ideal and instead have replaced those lofty principles with greed and power. It is no wonder they refuse to care about a quality of life for anyone else since their survival among themselves requires them to ever increasing forms of lust. Surely not all American capitalists are this way and there are still some who have worked hard and fair with others to help raise the fortunes of many good honest folks. But it is quite clear to me now that those principled folks are in the minority and that the majority of today's capitalists would rather live in the illusion that the rest of us only exist to be at their pleasure.

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