Saturday, March 1, 2014

Civilization or barbarism (#1856)

For me, the coming election here in America this coming November will define which type of society we want, either to build or tear down toward. It is simple really, some want us to have the barbaric days before we first started coming together in which each individual or group would call it's own shots about all things in life. A vision that relies totally on self reliance without regard to circumstance or frailty. This type of world view has at it's core the idea that selfishness is a virtue and should be protected at all costs to which one can afford. A strategic idea that pits us against each other for the coveted slot of actual king of the hill. Now the winners in this type of society will always trumpet that they deserve their exalted place in society as they outworked or outsmarted everyone else. This would be true if everyone started out from the same place but that is not the case so anyone who does say that they are entitled to their accomplishments above others is making a false analogy. Now the other side of the upcoming reality will be whether civilization is valued above the gunslinging ideas of barbarism. Civilization requires rational thoughts with generally acceptable reasoning to decide how we include all in our policies. Which is why democracy works so well. When democracy is applied equally we find that policies must allow for opportunities to be fundamental. We carve out exceptions to help those who are unable to participate equally, but for the most part we design our policies to effect as many as possible without regard to prejudice or privilege. Civilization will not build itself forward into our existence's changing time and space, that is our responsibility. So this coming November will tell much about the psyche of the American voter and our overall vision for the future.

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