Thursday, March 27, 2014

Doing what is right never goes out of fashion (#1882)

We all know what is right but we tell ourselves whatever we need to hear in order to make putting ourselves first happen. It is wrong of us to keep thinking that if we don't take every advantage that comes our way to enrich ourselves regardless of the cost/benefit, we are somehow missing out. Things really are simple when you consider doing something for others first. Life takes on a whole new meaning and not putting yourself first becomes a badge of courage worn with true humility. It doesn't matter at all what others may think or do in a similar situation, what matters is what we do. I don't have to live in the skin of those who compromise doing right in order to satisfy their own glorification at the expense of others. I have a happy heart and good conscience about my awareness and that my friends is what brings a smile to my face regardless of the circumstance or situation I am facing. Nothing in this world was as scary to me as the first time I realized that others didn't care about whether I lived or died. Nothing! It shocked me and then began to be the basis for my own foundation for living. I will not be like that to others who also know that life is supposed to be an experience that is fulfilling, not demoralizing. I have little in the way of the world's thinking when it comes to materials of value. But what I do have is a heart for life and for all of existence's creations. And that my friends is a value that no one can ever actualize with a price. So have a merry day all and remember that when you do for others as a goal you often find that somehow, someway you find fulfillment returned to you in the most unexpected ways.


Draven7 said...

"Nothing in this world was as scary to me as the first time I realized that others didn't care about whether I lived or died." Unfortunately, there still will be people who don't care whether you live or die, and others that will get along nicely after you've gone, just like everybody else. Personally, I can live with that knowledge and don't find it depressing.

Man of Hope said...

Right, but the first time I realized it was what scared me most. Since then of course I just laugh off the thought since it is irrelevant to me now. How I live my life is all that matters to me and what I can do to stand for the principles I claim is very inspiring. Our culture needs to change but how that will happen is not in my focus yet.

Draven7 said...