Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Exposing the liars (#1873)

I have seen so much lately coming from Republicans about how they are reaching out to women, seniors and minorities, with just those words while their actions are completely the opposite. This is why I call them liars. It is a harsh term to use but nonetheless accurate. With all the advertising the wealthy can do it is quite certain that their lying deceptive statements will resonate with many who are otherwise ill informed to the real intent of the Republican party. They have denied extended unemployment benefits to over 2,000,000 million previously working Americans and their family members leaving this class of folks with no income and little prospect of work. The reason being is that Republicans have also blocked all efforts by the Obama administration to create work such as opportunities for veterans and much needed infrastructure work. Republicans have also denied women the right to equal pay for equal work. A fact that has kept women in a financial second class system. Republicans have blocked all efforts to raise the minimum wage which effects women more than any class of people. Republicans have cut education to the point where minorities are effected more by their actions since minorities have had a harder time climbing the ladder of success. Republicans have decided that the still unequal society we currently live in needs to give no further aid to those who are still struggling. I won't even go into the broken promises Republicans have decided to break with our veterans who served their country and upon returning home have found the Republican party unwilling to serve them for their duty.

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