Monday, March 10, 2014

I laugh at the liars (#1865)

I guess it is because since I have matured into a strong minded soul with a strong physical form that I do have the ease of laughing at those who would try to take advantage of me. I don't necessarily get angry but instead try to shame the liars when they expose themselves. It saves them from my wrath and saves me from a court appointment. lol. Another neat trick is to laugh and then ignore them as if they are invisible. That one works really well since most liars crave attention. Obviously they need an audience since they have intentionally and strategically set about with their lies in order to con someone to their advantage. What is most important here is to know when you are being lied to. In order for me to stay ahead of the liars, I need to be informed of not only the current events of the day but of the recent and distant past as well. I need to keep myself aware of the world around me and accept nothing at face value unless it is something I am quite informed about. I don't take shortcuts with knowledge. Surely I do draw wrong conclusions from time to time but never do I disregard the criticism or correcting when it comes and believe me when I am wrong the correcting comes at me quickly. I am decent enough a human being to humble myself to my mistake, correct it and move on. Remember, trial and error is a form of learning but should not be the primary way of learning. Liars are everywhere in life since they have figured out how to make money and receive power by being successful at it. But here is the deal, we don't have to let them cheat us, we can take our own responsibility to know into our own hands and then expose and laugh at them as we will.

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