Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ignorance, fear and selfishness (#1868)

When combined, these three outcomes present everyone who experiences them a disservice. There is no hope for truth, honor and respect to flourish. the key here is the ignorance dynamic. Why we allow ourselves to become pawns to others because we can't find our way to research and develop our own opinions is an individual colossal failing. It is so easy nowadays to look up arguments on both sides of a question and then derive what may be the best outcome on our own without prejudice or ulterior motive. Fear is the next in line to deny us the ability to recognize what is honorable in our society. When we are made to be so afraid too even consider what is making us fearful then our ability to challenge the fear within us and stand tall for a redeeming option that has more honor than not, we have succumbed to fear as a default without ever putting up a fight for honor. We have given over our right and duty to fight for honor with justice at our backs. It is cowardly to give in to the pressure some would strategically put upon us for their gain. Remember, we live one life and if living it is in fear then what does that say about our character? Then there is selfishness. When ignorance and fear are our closest allies what we do within our psyche is justify a flawed character trait that assuages our conscious with the idea that doing right by ourselves is always good regardless of whether in the big picture the "right" we are doing is harming us overall. As long as we remain ignorant and full of fear, we might as well focus on the selfishness of our own gain without worrying about the expense it costs everyone else. The problem is that being a cowardly patsy and settling for greed is not a legacy any of us would ever be proud to exhibit to eternity.

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