Saturday, March 22, 2014

Republicans help cause pain and suffering and then ask us to die defending it (#1877)

I have no other conclusion I can draw. Not only are Republicans against anything that structures a civilized society but they like to involve us in wars when their ego's get bruised. The problem is that Republicans don't like to fight wars themselves, they want the "dirty masses" to do that horrible detail for them. The thing is that Republicans are people who were hopeful children at one time who didn't want people to hurt. Somewhere along the way they bought into the idea that it is okay to trample and stomp others if it meant an advantage for them. The survival of the fittest unenlightened mindset that allows for greed and lust to fill them with a foundation. Well, I can only hope that they turn back into people who care about other people but I won't hold my breath. We have to get them out of power as fast as possible in order to turn around the damage they have done to several generations in a row. I am sick and tired of the media treating them with respect when the inverse from them is not to be found. The Republican party has become a wasteland of incoherence and harm and should not be tolerated any longer. They only want to keep themselves in power for the sake of using our country for their own benefit. Republicans talk about everyone having a shot at the American dream but they have so rigged the process that it is only an illusion coming from their deceptive mouths. My blog postings have turned form talking about the nature of humanity to focus instead on the lack of humanity Republicans endear.

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