Saturday, March 29, 2014

Segregation by skin color is racism (#1884)

When the "content of their character" is not a higher priority in determining someone's value than the "color of their skin" we have truly failed at being human. Some or even many may not care that equality is being dismantled as long as their fears are soothed, despite the lack of any honorable principle. The quotes above are Martin Luther King's from his "I have a Dream Speech", given in the 1960's. Here we are some 50 years later still struggling to accept the logic of his words. I am dumbfounded by the lack of our society to do the right thing when it is so obviously the correct thing to do. It truly shows a disdain for struggle and a disrespect for those who gave everything to overcome it. It is a pitiful reflection on our American society when segregation is so prevalent after so much has been done to disprove all of segregation's vile arguments. Treating another human being as a lesser is supposed to be in our past and even the conservative Republicans on the US Supreme court have shown a blindness to the existing segregation by cutting down laws that actually protect against segregation. Yet here we are still some 50 years into the future from Dr. King's amazing transformation for our society and little has changed from then. While the public act of segregating has been reduced, it has nonetheless gone to ground and is now festering in the quiet quarters where the light of day is less conspicuous. If some or many want to continue to segregate based upon skin color then be aware that you are choosing to be racist. Yes, you are a racist if you  judge a human being based on a physical appearance and then deny them rights all human beings have a duty to protect for each other.

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