Sunday, March 16, 2014

When arrogance leads to ignorance (#1871)

More common than not is my view. Arrogance rarely is right. Yet we have so many who cannot dazzle with brilliance so they try very hard to baffle with bullshit! Mainly this is in our media now since our media is the next best thing to being a neighbor to millions of folks without actually having to be a neighbor. When one talks with confidence, about a subject regardless of whether they know much about it at all, it does come across as an unimpeachable fact. yet when we research these claims we find that they are spoon fed propaganda orchestrated by those who have an ulterior agenda to achieve. It is much easier to distort and falsify facts in order to get your way especially if your presenter of information comes across as trustworthy or believable. Why we have such a society today is a scourge on our overlapping generations. We are continually stuck with the egoists who have little communal pride and instead they are prone to delving into the sake of their own pocketbook. Their propaganda presenters are also lacking in authenticity and critical understanding so they more than make up for their "lacking" deficit through illusion and their willingness to be controlled like puppets. We all lose when the inability to think critically and justify conclusions through logic, common sense and honest, imaginative intuitiveness is lacking. It isn't hard to be an elitist who defies the principles of equality, justice and fairness, but it isn't right either and although we have these dynamics now we don't have to have them in our future. The first step to rectifying our current paradigm of damaging media incoherence is to recognize it as such.

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